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Sings whatever song's rolling around in her head and writes whatever tantalizes her imagination.

Is convinced that everyone has their own brand of weirdness and that that's what makes the world awesome.

Encourages and request critiquing of her work. She wants to write for a living, so this is a great way for her to polish her skills. But if you like Happy Endings, she would suggest staying away from her. Sacrifice is more moving to her than simple happiness, so her best characters tend to end up dead.

Refuses to follow anyone review-greedy. She will tell you what is right or wrong with your story, but she will not follow or favorite you.

Reviews like an Editor and Professional writer. So if she points things out, she does have reasons, and is not just flaming. So if she's hurt author's feelings, just know that she's trying to help make your story more enjoyable, not trying to crush your self-esteem.

Always takes time to have a little fun. And you won't believe how it changes her perspective.

I am making audiobooks out of the best of fanfiction from my favorite archives. Recommendations must have more than one hundred favorites and permission from the author. However, if I ask an author for permission and do not get a response back in a month, I will go ahead with the reading and recording.

There are...

Years vs. Days by me here

To Save a Hobbit by randomplotbunny here

Backslide by Black.K.Kat here

Teacup Tempest by Wigwyrm here

Time to Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is by Tsume Yuki here

Four Fathers Talk by R. Liam here

Ranking by Straight-Outta-Hobbiton here

The Night the House of Cards was Built by Drakensis here

Stormborn by Black.K.Kat here

The Marriage Stone By Josephine Darcy here

So Show Me Family by Inksaber here

Fooled You by Victorious-Mind here

A Light Touch by Overtherisingstar here

Disarmed by Aebhel here

Shadows of the Future by Stormqueen873 here

It's for a Good Cause, I Swear! By Sarah 1281 here

Nine Times Percy Saved a Friend By Liana Legaspi here

Would you Like to Buy a Flower? by Erika here

Behind the Scenes Lies Another Tale by HTTYD4Eva here

Catch As Catch Can by Demus here

For Family by Nanuk888 here

Notes by Vexcinnt here

The Letter Boy by Just Another Wise Girl here

Meow by BlueRascal here

My Ending to the Marriage Stone by crookshanks87 here

A Shot in the Dark by Silver Pup here

Growls and Purrs by Lady of the wilds here

How They Find Out by Lilacsky128 here

Be Careful Who You Give Tenure by etienneofthewestwind here

Be Sure to Tip Your Waiter, For He's on his Last Dime by Mrs.PercyJackson3 here

Text Me When It's Over by Immaculately-Flawed here

History of a Teacher by Famous Fault here

Cry by Elfpen here

Twelve Days by RussionWolf7here

Destiny of a Savior by Famous Fault here

The Women Who Love Harry Potter by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley here

The Men Who Love Harry Potter by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley here.

A Snake in the Grass, a Wold at the Door by black.k.kat here

Curiosity Killed the Knight by Ultra-Geek here.

Soulmarks by thedoctorswolf here

Full Circle by Nike Femme here

Finding Home by cywsaphyre here

Can't Escape the Magic by ArtFox here

The LipLock Jinx by Cassis Luna here

The Right Tattoo by Veritas Found here

Smirks by M K Stern here

Soulmate Determining Potion by DJ Lee here

Pesticide by Marmaroth here

All Because of You by Black.K.Kat here

Monochrome by Ninja Shen here

Always my Soulmate by Watermelonsmellinfellon here

A Real Life Cinnamon Roll by Seito here

A King by Seito here

A Different Class by Seito here

A Very Eros Video by Seito here

Like Perfection by Seito here

Fury on Ice by A.L.Killer here

Karakura Thugs by The Quiller here

La Ronde Lunaire by Eirenei here

A Fish and a Bird by Lala to the Power of 2 here

Because it Still Happens in Space by titansRus here

Someone Please Stop Lance by TitansRus here

Huddling for Warmth: the Movie by Laura of Maychoria here

The Aftermath by Umechi here

Bars Can't Hold Us by Laura of Maychoria here

Bittersweet Dissonance by Watermelonsmellinfellon here

Loki Runway by Xparrot here

Tension by Lucathia Rykatu here

Every Denny's in America by Sookie Starchild here

Earth, Meet Voltron by sierra.steinbrecher here

Gabriel Hugs? by sierra.steinbrecher here

The Courtship of Harry Potter by Diana Williams here

Poison Pen by GenkaiFan here

The Observer Effect by d1x1lady here

For non-fanfiction writing and tips for improving your stories on this site, feel free to visit My blog.

By the way, here is the link to Toothless's dress from Fate Likes to Play. here

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