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Gender: Male

Age: 20

B-Day: Jan. 17th (Was born during an earthquack and was the only one in said earthquack in 1994)

Sterotype: Nerdy/ Party Guy

Like: Girls, darkness, chaos, friends, some good, romance, comedy, horror, DR, HTF, Naruto, Devil May Cry, TDI Series, Hellsing, and HOTD.

Dislikes: Pedos, Bullies, cheaters, my little brother, stories making the main character god-like, and traitors.

Favorite Music: Linkin Park, Poppa Roach, Skillet, Eminem, Ice Cube, and Hollywood Undead.

Favorite Movie(s): Friday, Night of the living Dead, Resident Evil, Evil Dead (the first one and the new one.)

What do I look like:Tan skin (Latino), dark brown eyes, black hair, wears black framed glasses, mostly have a mustache and beard combo, and I'm 5"10'.

Interests:Building, writing drawing, movies, music, art, practicing martial arts, weapons, and reading.

How do I fight?: My fists,legs, swords, rirles, crossbows, revolvers,basball bats, some MMA, pressure points, and anything I could get my hands on.

Weapons I Own: A katana, a nodaichi (ninja sword), a tiwan sword, a flat blade fencing sword, nuncaku, a few baseball bats, a machete, a bokken (wooden sword), and an actual combat knife.

Wardrobe in a Zombie Apocalypse:A white long-sleeve button shirt with the sleeves rolled just below the elbows, a blood red (or black) tie, black jeans, dress shoes without laces,and a fedora with a red feather.

Personality: Love the work of other good wirters, a romantic, I am a sucker for finding love for those who deserve it, and horror fan. Even though I'm a cool guy I still like to cause some chaos. Will be writing my first story soon but I might cash in a vote to you guys to see which one to write frist since I have four good one each invovle differently. One for Naruto, Dead Rising, the other TDI, and the Last that involves both Dead Island and HOTD. I am also kind of a zombie expert because I am intrege by the undead, how the virus works, what possible mutations can occur, and what I need to do to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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