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Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile!

Here’s a bit about me:

I'm currently double-majoring in physics and astronomy and probably will be in school for close to the next decade of my life (read: I will take a long time to update anything and everything, sorry 'bout that.) I mostly write Alex Rider fics, as that was what got twelve-year-old me on this site in the first place, but I dabble here and there.

I enjoy the outdoors, Netflix, any building with a large number of books inside, just about any kind of music, personality psychology, baseball (Go Cubs!), sarcasm, and a not-quite-healthy level of paranoia.

I almost never write in chronological order, which results in the lack of similarity between the chronology of the Houseguests 'verse and the publish dates of the stories. For your convenience, here is a list of the posted Houseguests stories in chronological order:

Uninvited Houseguests


The Somalian Fallout


More companion stories in the Houseguests 'verse are in the making. (Travelers will also be updated as soon as I find the time to edit the ending.)

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