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Never shall I ever disappear without making some comment here or on whatever I have finished of a chapter. I may be gone for some time, but unless if I expressly say that I have cancelled, paused, or otherwise left a story then you can expect and will get an update, although when is entirely dependent on what I happen to feel like writing. I will try to update this on a monthly schedule or whenever I post a chapter. If I have not, feel free to shoot over a PM; it is likely I simply forgot to do so.

Story Update 2022/3/17:

In progress:

On the Illusion of Might (Halo/Mass Effect)
Chapter 25 posted on 2022/2/21, working on Chapter 26

In Production:

Path of Petals (RWBY)
I was focused on this for a time, Volume 8 kind of killed that muse. Not because I don't like the story, but I have no idea where Vol. 9 is going. Want to rewrite when we learn what the hell is going on.

Mass Infection (Halo/Mass Effect Oneshot)
Oneshot about the Flood encountering the Reapers and the superiority complex both possess.

But a Memory Once More (Inheritance Cycle)
Had a huge swell in my muse for this and ended up writing more than 100k words for a story I haven't even published (new best of 13k words in a single day even). Really like what I have but also haven't proofread ANY of it. Will post this eventually, kind a personal project at the moment though.

SAO/D&D story:
Used the stats for my ranger from Dungeons and Dragons Online. Not planning on publishing this since it's basically a character insert.

Halo/Kantai crossover:
I don't even know on this one? This came out of nowhere, I've never played KanColle or Azur Lane, but my muse really focused on seeing the UNSC Infinity and UNSC Eternity in that setting. Might finish this depending on life, it shouldn't be a long story. (Shouldn't, HAH!)


Ascendant (Halo/Mass Effect)
Completed 2021/9/18
A fun little what-if scenario I wrote on a muse. Shorter story with interesting potential that I do not have the time to dig into.

If you have a question, about my writing or anything else, feel free to shoot over a PM. I will respond when I can, but I respond to all messages. If I don't then I forgot and just shoot over another after a couple days.


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