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Ummmmmmz, hiya to all fellow authorz & readerz! This new author (aka Lil Kitty Author), will now introduce herself to you! (probably lamely, so deal with it).

Personal Information/ Things You Should Probably Know About Me

Name: Arianna

Nickname/s: Ari [Most acceptable to call me] Air, Arie (close family friends and family call me that when I'm not in trouble) Arrow ( 1 best friend calls me that), LoL [that's a long story to tell about that one] and AZ.

Age:Nevermind (RP: "A lady will never tell her age" & pretty much immortal)

Favorite Letter: Z [I talk with a lot of Z's most of the time. You know where S's go at the end of words? Yeah, I put Z's there, just to warn you if I sound stupid or something to you.]

Favorite Things To Do: Write, draw, sing, cook, eat, run, play video games, watching movies, making videos (yeah, I'm on Youtube too), play with my family & friendz, hanging out, playing with weapons, pull pranks (all my friends say I'm the queen of pranks. If you want to prank a friend or loved one but don't have a good idea, just PM me pwease for details, I have a fricking planner for pranks if you need'm! ;3), causing the 'fun' kind of trouble, being scary, weird/insane & fun.

Species: Female obviously, but I'm a tomboy. I may or may not (you decide) also be an alien, a demon, a hunter, & an awsome person.

(Light description of my human form: I'm black, but I'm not very dark. Dark brown short hair that kind of goes past my shoulders. I wear glasses, black on the front, a cool almost animal print on the sides, & white on the inside. Brown eyes. I also have fangs, dead serious. Why do you think I like biting people if I feel threatened or just that hungry? Even for blood. What I like to wear are T-shirts, & pants, mostly shorts. So don't even ask me about clothes, I HATE girly things, down to the last pink lip-gloss. But I do love the colors black, purple, red, green, grey, & white.)

Personality: I'm very open and honest to people and my friends, yet I'm anti social. Usually very quiet which is very dangerous (after all, it's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for right)? I usually keep to myself sometimes too, even when I'm with friends. (Yea, a loner xP). NEVER disturb me or wake me up from a nap. My mother made that mistake and she'll never do it again, or forget what happened. Dead serious too, hehehez. Erm, I'm loyal somehow. I can get crazy hyped up on sugar if I wanted to, but sometimes I control it when I have to. I have a temper, so forgive me if I unleash the monster within me on you. I am pretty violent, even my parents fear me. I hate it when people touch me. Even my family sometimes. Unless we're closer then close, then I might be okay. Um... I think that's it that's safe stuff to know about me. .-.

Word to describe me: Different [In a good way] because I like being weird, insane(crazy is the only side effect to that), & imperfect!

Favorite Thingz: Anime, Manga, Books, 3DS, T.V, my laptop/my tablet, bikes, skateboard, speaking in different languages ,animals, food(at times)...okay, there's a lot, so thatz just the Top 11, hai?

Favorite Writers: James Patterson, Mark Crilley, Ally Carter, Michael Scott, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Svetlana Chmakova, Toshiaki Iwashiro, & Kiyohiko Azuma. [They all inspired me to become a writer, & an artist]. They are my artistic heroes.

What I Have To Offer

What I Like To Write About: Sonic & company (huge fan, I write way to many fanics about them with my own OC's and/or with other friends OC's that we made together) , Anime (I'm not that picky with it, I love all anime) that includes Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Arcana Famiglia & others I can't name for they can ruin some future surprises , possiblyyaoi if it was requested or I had a really good idea about it; games including Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Abyss & again things I can't name, comics/manga I've read, any random thing that comes to the top of my head, requests (if I can do them &/or if I actually like them), & mostly stories that inspired me to make similar onez. If you haven't already noticed, but I like making my own fan-characters. I will always have at least one in any story I make. I don't see why people make a big deal out of them. Most are pretty damn awesome. People just don't like them when they're really involved with an actual character. Especially here people really flip out. The place is called FanFiction, let our hearts go as far as they can with our imagination! ( one of many reasons why I can't stand some people).

MY (and a friend's) Fan Characters (Be prepared to read if you care cause I made a lot of these guys). (I am not counting characters that are dead and hopefully you guys know which of my characters are dead).

Main Character: Zera. If I ever make a Sonic themed story, she will always been in it. I just fell in love with her as I began writing Crime Time Lover (Dimension 5). Description:

Species: Hedgehog, female

Physical Description: Tan skin, long midnight black quill like hair that goes down her back and all around black fur. Bangs are purple & red. Eye color is originally silver, but eyes change when in a mood.

Personal Notes: Has a dark long past, longer than anyone knows and may never hear of. Isn't very social, and hates people looking or touching her.

Family: Unknown/ Unknown to her

Powers: Are beyond imagination.

Age: Is also something she will never tell, but is supposedly 16 turning 17.


Species: Hedgehog, female

Physical Description: Black fur, tan skin, and seriously gold eyes.

Personal Notes: Is a straight out badass. Can kick your ass. She doesn't take any lip. Kinda anti-social, but once you get on her good side (somehow), you'll live. Loves adventure and danger.

Family: .-. The chick was created in a lab. But, once she escaped and blew up the place, she was adopted by her former lover's father, and now she adopted her 2 best friends/former lover's siblings as her sisters, E T. New lover is Ty.

Powers: Something you don't want against you.

Skill/Rank: Hunter, and a Leader.

Age: .-.

Ty (This is my friend's character).

Species: Special kind of Hedgehog, male

Physical Description: Dark blue fur, tall, and possesses green or blue eyes.

Personal Notes: Charming when it comes to his girlfriend. Other than that, he usually keeps to himself. Can be aggressive if things get serious. Quiet most of the time unless he's spoken to and wants to answer.

Family: Had a younger brother who tragically died. Celia, and her 2 younger sisters.

Powers: Dude just got strength so watch out.

Age: .-.

Ellie (E)

Species: Wolf, female

Physical Description: White fur, pretty blue eyes, and a blue tipped tail.

Personal Notes: She's the more... serious out of her and her twin sister. She loves to meddle though more. Likes being known as the smarter sister. Can be shy around older guys.

Family: Twin sister T, older sister Celia, and brother in law, Ty.

Powers: She can somehow predict the future. Joke, or something more?

Skill/Rank: Tech expert and medical care

Age: 16 years old.

Tina (T)

Species: Wolf, female

Physical Description: White fur, mischievous purple eyes, and a black tipped tail.

Personal Notes: She's the wild twin. Hates being called by her actual name. A meddler, but not as much as her sister. Loves adventure, and would love to go out onto the battlefield twice as much as E. Is more easy going unless it comes to Celia.

Family: Twin sister E, older sister Celia, and brother in law Ty.

Powers: Can somehow fly. Trick, or something beyond that?

Skill/Rank: Weapons expert and medical care

Age: 16 years old.

Zeren Groter

Species: Echidna, male

Physical Description: Orange fur, pale peach muzzle, purple eyes that may change into amethyst.

Personal Notes: Has been a trouble maker in the past only due to his troublesome past. An alcoholic in a small way, but still the sweetest kindest guy when he wants to be and needs to be.

Powers: Still don't know what to make of them.

Family: Joey, Jackie

Age: 17 years old.

Joey Groter

Species: Echidna, male

Physical Description: Red fur, a little bit lighter than Knuckles' color. Pale muzzle. Beautiful red eyes.

Personal Notes: Is less of a trouble maker than his brother and taller. Some say silly, he says 'seriousness with a smile'. Is very over protective of his family, even when he isn't on 'duty'. Man of the house. Bright in the moment of danger.

Powers: .-. We'll... get back to that in time.

Family: Zeren, Jackie

Age: 19 years old.


Species: Wolf, female

Physical Description: The blackest fur out there. A piercing, deadly yellow eye. Yes, she only has one eye.

Personal Notes: Deadliest commander of them all. Commander on Veron for N.U.G AND High Commander throughout the entire organization, so watch out. Turning on her will be the last thing you will ever do. She's insane, just as she is deadly. Now that her prime project has escaped her grasp, she is willing to do ANYTHING in her power to get her back. No risks. She couldn't care less about the damage, or casualties. Isn't much of an open book. She's just as locked up as Zera. She doesn't speak much, not even with plans with anyone that she should have to tell. What's she really hiding?

Family: Unknown/Couldn't care less.

Powers: Won't be said.

Age: Can't find it.

Jackie Groter

Species: Echidna, female

Physical Description: Orange fur, not as bright as her son's. Skinny and shorter than her sons. Dreadlocks are usually kept in a bun or a ponytail.

Personal Notes: She's sweet except when she needs to dish out discipline. Has some humor that usually ends with her being a pervert. A single mother who works at a downtown diner called J's Diner to provide her 2 boys. Hates it when her kids call her by her first name.

Powers: .=. Does being an excellent cook and a badass waitress count as powers? Heh heh.

Age: 36 years old though she claims she's still 25. x3

Middle/Side Characters

Liah Marks

Species: Fox,female

Physical Description: Blonde/yellow fur. Bright green eyes. Long slender tail.

Personal Notes: A girl gets what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. Loves to toy with people for her own personal gain. Pretty much a species called the basic bitch. Desperately wants revenge on Zeren for dumping her.

Family: Unknown/ Not mentioned

Powers: _ Does it look like this chick needs any? We'd all be dead.

Age: 17 years old.

Caroline Hamilton

Species: Fox, female

Physical Description: During the fall and winter, has white fur. Changes to brown when it is spring and summer. Has pure yellow eyes.

Personal Notes: Is a complete lovable fan girl. She loves to match her friends up and make fantasies about them. Loves to draw her own style. Tries to be positive for her friends around her.

Family: 3 older sisters Jenny, Jane, and Emily which Jenny is adopted, and 6 younger siblings, Lillian, and 2 pairs of twins Maya and Luke, and Jack and Mark. Evil stepmother is Glenda.

Powers: Power of Friendship!! (Yea, I had to do that).

Age: 17 years old.

Vera Violet

Species: Hedgehog, female

Physical Description: Magenta colored fur. Jade eyes. Has short quills.

Personal Notes: Her main goal in life- Capture Zeren Groter's heart. She's had a crush on him since her cousin became friends with him. She's just as obsessed.

Family: Amy Rose, her cousin.

Powers: Instead of a freakin' huge hammer smashing everything and everyone to bits, Vera has a huge ass sword to swing around and slice her opponents in half.

Age: 15 years old.

Zeke Merkin

Species: Wolf, male

Physical Description: Gray fur that has proven to be mysterious and shaggy. Somehow cute blue eyes. Has a devilish shaped face.

Personal Notes: Is a major creep, and a bigger pervert. He stalked and went out with every girl that Zeren went out with. Now that he's with Liah, something else has come to the fiendish wolf's brain.

Family: Unknown/ Not mentioned.

Powers: o_0 Never thought of any for him. Oh well! He's menacing enough without them.

Age: 17 years old.

Ralph VonBuren

Species: Squirrel, male

Physical Description: Dirt colored fur, and that's why people say he's scary, no because of his tallness. Has brown eyes to match.

Personal Notes: He may be best friends (some say he's his sidekick) with Zeke Merkin, but he isn't evil and or crazy. He has a gentle soul, and mindful of others. Hates hurting others.

Family: Mother and girlfriend.

Powers: .-. Big dude, can kick your ass. Nuff said.

Age: 17 years old.

Dennie Ford

Species: Chameleon, male

Physical Description: Lightest shade of blue out there. Has pretty kickass green eyes.

Personal Notes: Can be dense or oblivious, but is completely trustworthy and there when you need him. Shy when girls are around him. Is in love with English.

Family: Unknown/ Not mentioned.

Powers: He's a chameleon, what more do you want?

Age: 17 years old.

Human Characters (though a few of them change)

Ivy Martinez

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Wild red hair that goes past her shoulder blades. Has almost tan skin. Has breath taking green eyes that may turn different shades of green. Not tall, but not exactly short either.

Personal Notes: Loves candy, has a badass attitude, and loves to make zingers. Pretty tough. And pretty. Loves to fight, and even start one. Hates it when people are sexist towards her and taking orders from her Commander. All the more reason why she hates him.

Family: Robert Martinez, Lily Martinez, and Merlinda Jones.

Skill/Rank: Is captain for Commander Ron of G.U.N. Combat ready.

Age: 21 years old.

Merlinda Jones

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Dirty blonde hair that reaches her hip area. Hazel eyes. About a foot or so taller than Ivy.

Personal Notes: Isn't happy when put under pressure. Loves to tease people, hate being teased. Her best friend is Ivy Martinez. Surprisingly loves to sing. Attitude is a bit less badass than Ivy.

Family: Jordon and Kelsey Jones. They gave her away at age 2, and died in a sudden car crash when she was 5. Her adopted parents the Kyles kept her after that until she was 17. She ran away from them and ended up at G.U.N. Now Merlinda heard that the Kyles gave her up and Ivy and her mother adopted her. She couldn't be any happier.

Skill/Rank: Combat and weapons expert, not to mention the coach for teaching new soldiers.

Age: 21 years old.

Raldo McDemin


Physical Description: Sloppy yet cute brown hair. Sharp but beautiful Caribbean blue eyes. Quite tall. White skin.

Personal Notes: One glance at him, you'd think he's the definition of perfect. The perfect gentleman. He isn't, haha! He loyal, yet still untrustworthy, crafty, and sneaky. Knows ways to get what he wants. Loves power in more ways than one.

Family: Beth McDemin is his mother, Ronald McDemin is his uncle, and Philly McDemin is his 2nd cousin.

Skill/Rank: Captain for High/Commander Jade

Age: 24 years old.

Miskit Usami

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Very tall, jet black hair, and dark brown eyes.

Personal Notes: Goofy, and actually likes to take orders unlike Ivy. Kind in his own way.

Family: All is only known about his little sister Lily.

Skill/Rank: Lieutenant and main trainer for the elite groups.

Age: 22 years old.

Lily Martinez

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Short black hair, somehow ended up with blue eyes, is of medium height for someone her age. Pale tan skin. Looks young for her age.

Personal Notes: Loves being right, and hates being told different. Can be very scary and threatening when pushed around or her family is in danger or about to be. Known to have weird breakdowns. Loves to teach science to those willing to do so. Sweet, caring, and understanding. Likes to help *cough, cough* meddle in people's relationships whether it be about friends, crushes, dating, or even family.

Family: Ivy Martinez and Merlinda Jones.

Skill/Rank: Head scientist of G.U.N's science department.

Age: 43 years old and isn't afraid to say so.

Ronald McDemin

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Thin black hair that has a few... spots of white in there. Sharp brown eyes and pale skin.

Personal Notes: Hates having people watching over him, being proven wrong, being called lonely, and Jade. Doesn't always have a positive attitude. Some consider him mad.

Family: Raldo McDemin is his nephew, Beth McDemin is his sister-in-law, and Philly McDemin is his cousin.

Skill/Rank: Commander of G.U.N of Marnt.

Age: 47 years old. Never once thought about retirement.

Side Character (Yeah, only one)

Philly McDemin

Gender: Female

Physical Description: A short almost plump woman. Spunky pale red hair, blue eyes that are always full of mischief, along with pale skin.

Personal Notes: LOVES to tease her older cousin Ron. She's a prankster and never far from the trouble path.

Family: Raldo McDemin is her 2nd cousin, Ronald McDemin is her older cousin, and Beth McDemin is her cousin-in-law?

Skill/Rank: Secretary for G.U.N.

Age: 43 years old.

A Good Phrase/ Phrases I Alwayz Use:

White is the color of imagination. (c)

Holy dipping sause!! (c)



Holy flaming piggies!! (that's actually my best friend's phrase) (c)

Buttchiken. (c)

Crapples! (c)

Do you think, or do you know? (c)

You'll never know what you caused until you see the results. (c)

What the frickity- frick!?! (c)

What the fa-ge? (.-. This one sounds less...insulting I should say when you say it out loud and properly). (c)

Stalking is like a way of showing someone you care about them when done the right way and legally!(Only because my student found it so inspirational). (c)

Why would you deny your Sempai?! (c)

The truth may sting, but the lies burn. (c)

(This is just a slice of what random phrasez I usually say. I would say more, but they could explode your mind like BA-BOOSH!!)

Let's All Be Friends

Partners/Friends here: Blury-Star-on-Fire, Randomwriter202, werewolf lover99, Super Shadow21, enchancedsense27 (.-. I need more friends. I'm always open to a good friendship)!


So, to sum this nerdy, too hyper thing up: Please like my stories, I work really hard on them. They weren't really accepted on DeviantArt & I moved them here for that reason. To be liked & accepted. I've faced a lot of problems in my life, so I just like to get away from all the crap by doing the stuff I love here: Writing, in a place I hope I truly feel good. I know I sound like a nerdy chick who ain't got a life, but I'm not one. I'm "just a tomboy with a wild imagination that has talented stories that need to be seen & treasured by others." [My friend actually told me to say that. It was her quote since she's read my work.]

I hope you'll like me as well. I may sound like an innocent little child (not short really, just the right height for my age.), but I'm not. I'm an insane, some say bad ass person, & I always will be, got it? Still lovable though, so don't always fear me. You can learn to like me, as I will get to like you & hopefully we can become friendz. (Unless I already know you from another site, then we're cool)! I do support anyone if they need it or I like you to do so. I just hope that I can get the same back from you guys.

Updating Schedule & Story Introductions

I try to update as best I can. (Which I feel same for since I don't have the time to update stories, yet I find myself bored some days and just come here to update my profile. I'm a mess). Thingz always happen to me, so I try my best. Hope you guyz can have some patience and may also be supportive with me. If you want to ask questions or anything, ask away on la PM, I always listen to everyone and everything. (I'll tell you other sites to find me if you PM me, I ain't saying all of them here). I would really like the support, and the help with my stories. Again, I work really hard on them so just give them a try! As of this moment I only have one main story going on, but more are on the way! If you want me to post them, just ask cause I'm still on the unsure side with them. Check'm out!!

Love Is Weird, Sequel to Crime Time Lover Dimension 5. I'm a weird kid. My name is Xia, and this is the story of how I died. But don't worry, this is actually a good story. It all starts when I was born. If you didn't know this already, I'm the daughter of Zeren and Zera Groter. Oh yeah, and I'm not the only kid. I'm a twin, the other one is my brother Seoul, who's absolutely wonderful, funny,...and sexy. Yeah, you might wanna see where this goes, don't ya, you freaks? The Opposites ZxZ, Medieval AU between an adventurous princess and a mysterious Wild One trying to save a kingdom. Might be a crossover with Tales Of Abyss. Still unsure on that part of the decision, but I would certainly like to see a vote to help me out here. To Be A Spy Shadow was sent away on a mission...A mission he was not prepared for, nor in his field. 10 Days Sonic and Shadow only have 10 days to collect all the Chaos Emeralds or Eggman wins, and they cease to exist. Time Will Tell Sonic gets sucked back in time by an old friend he never thought he would see again, and fight an enemy he thought he hoped he'd ever have to kill again. Teacher & her Pet, Mysterious new female teacher appears, leaving Zeren and the rest of his friends quite curious of her. Will they find something out about her?... Or maybe she might make a few connections and changes in them?

Enjoy your time here, nyaa!! :3 (Ya, I love the Japanese way that much)!!

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