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As a child growing up in Canada (stuck indoors because of insufferably cold weather 9 month a year) I was limited to three, that's THREE, television channels. Two of them were public stations. I know. I know. I was sooooo hard done by. Anyway, with limited scifi access, and being genetically predisposed to geekdom, I had to enhance what little scifi I could get with...imagination. I know. It's such a new concept. I had to make up stories for my siblings instead of watching T.V. (The trick is to torment and torture your characters as much as possible. The more the character struggles, the more interesting the story. And I learned how to torture very well from 'Doctor Who.')

One of the television stations used to torment me with 'Doctor Who.' Yes, I do mean torment. Said station would show a delightful episode on Saturday afternoon. I would sit rivited to the T.V. trying to figure out what was going on, just to have the episode end in a terrible cliffhanger. But that wasn't how they would torture me. No. It was much much worse. The torture always came later when the next episode was NEVER SHOWN! Yes, that's right. They would reel me in with episodes shown out of order, only to never let me get the closure I so badly needed. Even when they showed four episodes in a row, each episode was from a different story. I had no idea the Doctor could regenerate. One episode the Doctor was all teeth and hair. The next episode he was a sexy blond, or an old guy in a magician's cape. It never made sense! I tried to figure it out. I really tried. But after continuous torment, only seeing one episode in story, I gave up.

Years later one night about 10pm when I was bored, I found 'Doctor Who' (I thought it was a remake of old episodes) on netflix. Maybe I could finally find out what was going on in all those episodes I'd tasted as a kid. I thought, "why not. I'll watch an episode." EIGHT HOURS LATER I was still watching. I've been hooked ever since. Can you Imagine what I went through when nine regenerated into ten. I had no idea what regeneration was. I was furious. David Tennant wasn't the Doctor! He was skinny and squeaky and... and he didn't have the right ears! He was an imposter. I wanted my Doctor BACK! My reaction was exactly what Rose was going through. But by the end of the Sycorax episode, I was hooked again. David Tennant had truely become the Doctor. Finally, all those little half hour episodes made sense. Finally, I understood how each episode I'd watched as a child could have a doctor with a different face. In a way, it was like I'd watched the show in a timey-whimey way.

Eventually, I ran out of episodes to watch, and had to turn to fanfiction to get my 'who' fix. Some of my very favorite stories are 'The Wolf and the Thief' by whoson 1 st, 'Always Bad Wolf' by Hairi Esh Mooncake, and 'With Starlight in Their Wake' by Wintermoth. They follow the idea that Rose gets a do-over of her life with the Doctor. Then I came across 'Not in Kansas anymore' by multiverse-tourist, and was blown away. It's a story about a real person from our universe who travels with the Doctor. Reading her story felt like I was really standing inside the Tardis. Wow!

Inspired by these favorites, I decided to try to write my own fanfic. I really don't know how many people will enjoy my ideas, but I thought it might be fun to try. I've never written anything before 'Reality'. And I must say writing is a whole lot more difficult than just telling a story out loud. The amount of time and work involved is horrendous. But now that I'm hooked, I doubt I'll ever give it up. :-D

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