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Sesshomaru and Rin FAQs

Sesshomaru and Kagura FAQs

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Responses To the ship theory that Ravyn Skye has on her profile

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You can tell by my eyes and wrinkles that I'm not idontwannapopuponsearchengines, she's not that old.


I hate sess/rin and love sess/kagura. Sesshomaru/Rin fans are insane and will even stoop as low as to say that they were glad that Kagura died and make fun of her death because they're jealous of the fact that Sesshomaru has feelings for Kagura (as evidenced by that fact he becomes infuriated when Moryoumaru mocks Kagura and breaks his sword-he dropped his sword for Rin but he BROKE his sword for Kagura-and the fact that Tenseiga transformed into a fighting weapon because of Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura (which did not happen with Rin)).

Now THAT is DISGUSTING! Sesshomaru/Rin shippers are the lowest of the LOW!

That in itself shows you that Kagura is the Sesshomaru's canon love interest-if she isn't, then why is everyone so resentful towards her? Why all the bashing?

And don't tell me that it's because she killed people. Sesshomaru killed shit tons of people too (unlike Kagura, who was only killing people because Naraku held her heart in his hands and she was being forced to, Sesshomaru killed people because he wanted to) and so did Koga (the first time that you see Koga he's ordering his wolves to eat a village full of humans) and NOBODY has any problems with them.

If there really wasn't anything going on between Sesshomaru and Kagura...then why do you guys feel so threatened by her? What's with all the bashing?

And If people only hate Kagura because she killed people...then why is it that nobody has any problems with Sesshomaru or Koga, even though they killed plenty of people as well (and unlike Kagura who only killed people because she was being forced to work for Naraku because Naraku held her heart in his hands, Sesshomaru and Koga killed people because they wanted to!)?

Because that's NOT the reason why people hate Kagura. The REAL reason that Kagura is receiving all this hatred is because people feel threatened by her because she is Sesshomaru's canon love interest. Because as much as the Sess/Rin shippers verbally deny it because they don't want to admit to it, deep down inside, they do realize that there was something going on between Kagura and Sesshomaru, because if there wasn't, then there wouldn't be any need for all the hatred and resentment.

You Sess/Rin shippers and your resentment towards Kagura and the fact that everyone feels threatened by Kagura proves that she is Sesshomaru's canon love interest-because if she wasn't, then the resentment wouldn't exist, and there wouldn't be any need for the hatred (and don't tell me that it's because she killed people-like I said, Sesshomaru also killed shit tons of people too and so did Koga and so did Narkau, and you guys don't have any problems with Sesshomaru and Koga and Naraku).

While Sesshomaru/Kagura fans do not bash Rin and portray her as a cute daughter.

If Rin is Sesshomaru's canon love interest, then why isn't anyone bashing Rin? Why isn't Rin receiving any resentment? Why isn't anyone jealous of Rin? And don't tell me that it's because she's a kid, Shippo is a kid too and everyone bashes Shippo! Rin isn't receiving jealousy or hatred from anyone because people honestly do not feel threatened by her because most people honestly do think of Rin as being more of a daughter figure towards Sesshomaru than a love interest. Rin is not hated because she honestly isn't Sesshomaru's love interest.

Pammazola, you look like the fucking Wicked Witch Of The West in your pic, and your artwork looks like it was drawn by a five year old. Lady Shenzuki didn't merely say to ignore me, she was outright insulting me in the comments, I had a right to respond. And you "defended her" from "bullying" (how the hell is she being bullied when she's the one who started the insulting??) by what, writing a comment? Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots (sarcasm).

Also, Rin is a human! I can't see Sesshomaru ever getting together with a human in a romantic manner. I can see him caring for a human in a platonic manner and seeing a human as a family member, but I can't see Sesshomaru ever marrying a human or anything like that. Why? He dislikes and looks down on humans, with Rin merely being an exception to the rule. And Sesshomaru definitely dislikes and looks down on hanyou.

After all of Sesshomaru's continuous bullying of Inuyasha for being a hanyou, if Sesshomaru himself got together with a human like Rin and had a kid, then what would that kid turn out to be? Oh yeah, a HANYOU! And I don't think that Sesshomaru would ever want for his children to turn out to be half-breeds like his brother. Hello, Sesshomaru hates half-breeds! He doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps, after how Sesshomaru continously went on and on about how much he hated the fact that his father got together with a human and had a hanyou kid.

That's another reason as to why I can't see Sesshomaru with anybody other than Kagura in a romantic manner. Kagura is the only full-blooded female youkai in the series that's a major character (Ayame doesn't count, she's a filler character. And demonesses that were only around for a little while like Yura and Abi don't count because they weren't around for long enough).

All of the other major female characters in Inuyasha are humans (Kagome, Sango, Kikyo) and Kagura is the only major female character that's a full blooded demoness. Sesshomaru needs to be with a full blooded youkai, he would never be romantically involved with a human or a hanyou because he hates them, with Rin merely being an exception to the rule! He does not want to have half-breeds like Inuyasha as children because Sesshomaru hates half-breeds! Sesshomaru also values physical strength, and if Sesshomaru got together with Kagura and had babies then Kagura would give him super-strong, full-blooded youkai, wind-controlling babies!

And Kagura being created from Naraku doesn't mean that she's a hanyou because she doesn't have his genes. Naraku is a hanyou because he was a human (Onigumo) joining with several demons. And Kagura was created by casting off one of those demons, not the human part but the demon part only, so she is a full blooded youkai. Rumiko Takahashi said in the Official Profiles book (which doesn't contain any of the Sess/Kagura stuff because it was written long before any of the Sess/Kagura stuff happened) that Kagura's a full blooded demonness.

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