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Yeah, wahs up person reading my profile? Looking for my stories? Sorry, shit outa luck cause I can't write a story to save my ass. But I have a crap load of favorite stories if you really want something to read. Btw I don't read slash/yaoi. Ever. I support gay marriage, but I don't get off like that. Yuri and femslash is a different story, cause that shit is HOT. I also love lemons and hate SOPA with the burning passion of a thousand dying suns.

Favorite Manga and Anime and Video Games

Naruto, bleach, one piece, high school dxd, campione, halo, Star Wars, Harry potter, marvel, DC, code Geass, Assassanation classroom, mass effect, GTA, RDR, ssx3, Deus Ex, AC Black Flag, Witcher, MGS, Metal Gear Rising Revengence, The Witcher 3, Monster Hunter World, Tomb Raider,

Personal Information (what I'm willing to give that is)

Age: 30 (minus a number I won't give you)

Sex: sadly none.

marital status: single and ready to mingle

race: lost it. What, do I look like a runner to you?

Political Party: DIE REPUBLICANS DIE!!!!!

Fav Manga: Code Geass

Fav Anime: Code Geass, Assassination Classroom, Overlord,

Fav Book Series: Harry Potter, ASOIAF, The Witcher

Fav Video game: Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher 3,

Sport: swimming. Don't laugh, it is too a sport. STOP LAUGHING DAMMIT!!!

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