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Brad Pitt is The Hottest Guy In The World. ER and FRIENDS are the best! Also Avril Lavigne Rocks!Lobster and Carby 4 ever! Joey and Rachel but, i might write about them
Favorite ER quotes:

Abby: is the fire outside boys?
Fireman: Its out
Abby: Well then shoudn't you be racking up your hoses, heading back to the station, feeding that little spotted dog, polishing your Poles..
Susan: Abby, your flirting!
Abby: What?
Susan: Polishing your POLES!

Carter: I would never touch Luka's cookies

Carter: Hey I hear you got stuck with a couple of grumpy old men.
Abby: Well horny old men is more like it

Luka: I'm Done! Okay, Carter can have you!

Favorite Friends quotes:

Ross: Listen, I drew a drawing on how we are going to do it. Rach, thats you that's the couch

Rachel: Whoa,what's that?

Ross: Oh that's me

Rachel: Wow! certainly think a lot about yourself

Ross: No, no that's my arm

Chandler: Oh I see either that or you just really, really liked your new couch

Phoebe: Oh thats your thing
Ross: What
Phoebe: you love getting divorces
Ross: No I do not
Phoebe: Yes you do this is your third divorce, you love divorces so much your probably gonna marry it, and it won't work it so your probably going to get a divorce divorcing guy...I'm so drunk

Monica: So your going to go tell Joey and Chandler that your not funny or sexy
Ross: Thats right

Ross: I gotta go talk to her uhh I hate this part
Chandler: Hey Ross you gotta forget about Elizabeth I mean if your not careful you may not get married at all this year

One of Phoebe's songs:

Your name posses as a dilemna
Theres not much that rythes with Emma
Maybe the actor Richard Crana
He played the commanding officer
Happy Birthday, Emma!

Favorite Avril Lavigne songs *in order*
1. Sk8er Boi
2. Things I'll never say
3. Losing Grip
4. Unwanted
5. Anything but Ordinary
6. Too much to Ask
7. Complicated
8. I'm with You
9. Tomorrow
10. Naked
11. My World
12. Mobile
13. Nobody's Fool

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