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Blackjack the Nargle PM
Joined Jul '13

Hi! I'm Blackjack the Nargle (previously known as Nargle006) and I have been here for about 4 years. If you want a name to call me, call me Holly.

I started this account when I was 13, just to put up my Hunger Games/Harry Potter fic and since then I've written a few more fics, but nothing major. I will not be updating any of the stories on here, sadly, as I just don't have the time or I have lost interest in them.

If you want to read them, feel free, but fair warning: they are cringey as hell. They were written by a 13-14 year old, so I mean...eesh.

I do use Tumblr and AO3 now instead, but there isn't much on there at the moment.

Thank You to everyone who has reviewed and read my stories over the years, it means such a lot to me that you've taken the time to enjoy them and get back to me! I doubt I would've stuck around so long without you guys.

Love, Holly xxx

(The thing I find bizarre is that everyone around me on this site last updated in 2014, like there's literally nothing new on here and it's terrifying. Surely there's a new generation of people writing terrible FanFic? No? Okay.)

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