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Name: Stevie

Age: 22

I am a hopeless romantic who thrives off Mariah Carey ballads, binge reading Kagura/Sessh fics, otome games (just one but i'm hooked!), cliche romantic comedy animes and mangas, and tumblr. Other than my dorky side I love the beach and probably has the skin cancer to prove it. I write on my free time, which is like never, my fourth semester in Microbiology and graduating soon! Meaning more time to update fictions and such! yeah right... I still have med school to think about T_T but keep your faith in me. I swear not to give up on what I started.

Updates: 7/14/15

Winds of Chance: COMPLETED. Thank you all for the support! The amount of feedback for this fic really pushed me to finish the story, I hope everyone enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. :D

Whenever You Call: On going! I'm not gonna lie this plot is a lot harder than 'The Winds of Chance' being that is set in an alternate universe. But I'll try my best! Please check it out!

A hui hou!

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