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I am a Huge Harry Potter Fan. I lurked for awhile I only created an account so I can follow some of the stories I like. I used to only read completed stories because I have what my wife calls CRS disease (Can't remember Sh-t). So I will have a tendency for forgetting some of the previous chapters if It takes months to read. However that is a price I pay to read some of the best Authors out there.

I look at many peoples fanfic pages and read their analysis of JKR and Harry Potter. I am going to try. I love the world of Harry Potter. I love the first four books. However the end of book 4 and book 5 is where I started to separate from the series. I hated book 6 and 7. It took me a while to figure out why. Finally I think I understand for me at least. Harry Potter was a child's fairy tale and it worked well as a fairy tale. Everything was black and white. The good and the bad were easily defined and the Hero always won. Life was good. But things started to change. The first sign was Cedric’s death. His character added nothing to the story and his death even less. It was meaningless. Book four would be the same if Cedric did not take the portkey to the grave yard. I think this is the point that JKR wanted to be taken serious. It reminds me of the child actresses who grow up and believe they have to pose nude to be treated as an adult. It is just stupid. Harry Potter was never serious literature and never will be. It was fun. A fairy tale you can deal with plot holes, two dimensional characters and the lack of logic. A serious story you cannot.

A few other things I dislike about the series:
- Ron is a terrible character. He should have been killed in book 5 or 6. After book 2 he was worthless and very unlikable
- Severus is not a hero, he would not have tried to save the Longbottoms. He is an abusive skunk playing both sides of the fence
- Dumbledore is either incompetent or Evil. You pick

This is why I love fanfiction, because you can have everything. You can have the complete Happy Ending Fairy tale or the serious story with great characters all encased in the Harry Potter world.

Like all things not everything is perfect. Here are some of my issues with Fanfiction:

- I do enjoy a reasonable discussion. If you want me to write a review don’t start PM’ing me and flaming me when I criticize what you have done though. Debate and make your point and be respectful. I try to be respectful in my reviews, but I have had authors send me diatribe after diatribe for a criticism of a plot point or character. I have had to change my membership because one author was a nutcase. If you do not want a review please do not post it on this sight. This is also a reason I sometimes do anonymous reviews. So if it is respectful don’t complain about anonymous reviews.

- If an Author uses cannon for a premise please do not change characters personalities. You see this most often in Hermione betrayals, she spent four years as Harry greatest supporter then after GOF she betrays him usually for no reason. Snape as a Hero (he was never a hero only a self serving bastard), Hermione/Draco pairings or even Ron as a mature hero he is not he is an ass. Some of these stories can be very good, but you cannot use large sections of cannon before you institute these plot points, you have to develop them. With magic every thing is plausible, but human emotions must make sense and be believable and usually a Hermione betrayal is not. I am surprised some these are so popular. They just do not make sense.

-AU's that keep bad Cannon relationships Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, Ginny/Harry or Luna and who ever she ended with. Again some of these can be good but rarely.

- Authors who say if you don’t like what I do write your own. I freely admit I am not a talented writer and I love to read stories, sometimes even bad ones. This is a public sight – deal with it

- I also generally do not like super powered Harry (unless it is MOD post book 7), most of the times it just does not make sense. Some authors though have done a brilliant job of folding this into their stories.

- I also dislike many authors reliance on family magic which gives credence to pureblood bigotry.

- I dislike insto grow Harry when he is given a potion due his malnourishment. I am sorry that is just stupid.

- For some strange reason I like marriage contact plots :)

Overall I love and am addicted to this sight. I want to thank all the Authors for their Efforts.

I have decided to create a best and worst of list just for kicks. This is my personal opinion :)

Best HP stories

1) Lily Potter and the Worst Holiday - bobsaqqara - best Lily Story
2) Petunia’s boys - severusphoenix - Best Petunia Story
3) Storm of Yesterday - Shayalonnie - Best James story
4) The Sum of Their Parts - holdmybeer
5) The Quiddich World Cup - TheEndless7
6) Wind Shear - Chilord
7) A different Halloween - Robst
8) I need You - Chem Prof
9) Amalgum - Lockhart's Folly - tkepner
10) Escape - SingularOddities

Best Crossovers

1) Browncoat green eyes - HP & FireFly
2) Finding Home - HP & Avengers
3) Harrison Potter Stephens - HP & Bewitched
4) Mutant Storm - HP & X-Men
5) Petunia Evans, Tomb Raider - Starfox5
6) The boy who Fell to earth - HP & Star Wars

Most overrated HP stories

1) HP and the methods of rationality – unlikable Harry & too choppy
2) Oh No not again – again unlikable Harry, too mature Ginny, and Whining author
3) Unsung Hero – Terrible ending, ridiculous Lily, weak Hermione
4) Vox Corporis - Just Boring
5) Rocking the boat – bad ending, sex innuendo that does not fit ages, just bad.

Most overrated HP Crossovers

1) Broken Chains - slut and schizophrenic Hermione who dislikes the real Harry , no Harry in composite character.
2) A study in magic (by Books of Change) – Not original just HP with Sherlock attached. John as a woman who has no protective instincts for Harry

I love Fanfiction :)

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