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Hello to anyone who's bothering to read this.

So, as you may know, my name is Niamh Wilson Scott. No, it's not my real name but its (what I hope to become) my stage name. I'm 17 until the 28th of December and I live in the south of the uk, in a rainy place called Cornwall. It rains like 24/7.

So like many people on this site, I love les mis, as in completely and utterly obsessed with it. September last year, I threw my parents into a whirlpool after telling them that I no longer wanted to be a detective, but an actress. My first love was Shakespeare and I am totally disgusted to say that I had never seen les mis until last December when I finally decided to what the 25th anniversary of les mis at the O2.

I have always liked Samantha barks ever since she was on I'd do anything, and I voted for her. From that, she was the person who got me into musicals and my first love of them was when she sang defying gravity and I have loved Wicked since then. In my fics, I write Eponine as being blonde. I, blonde and there is not enough blonde Eponine's out there, so I sort of base her on Carrie Hope Fletcher, who is one of my favourite Eponine's ever since i saw her in queens theatre London.

I am part of a amateur dramatics company called Cornwall Youth Theatre Company, and have been in one show that our lovely director writes herself. We mainly do Cornish stuff, but she's helping me on my way to Musial theatre.

Ever since seeing les mis, I had to go and see the new movie on January 11th and there I fell in love with Aaron tveit (he is perfection in a person) and one I ship him and Eponine in my fics. I'm a kinda new writer and I may suck a little at writing but I try. My dream is to play Eponine (for a year hopefully) on the west e d stage. I would also like to play Elphaba in Wicked (although everyone says I'm more of a mix of her and Glinda) or Christine or maybe even Meg (I'm a dancer) in Phantom of the Opera. When I was little, I really wanted to play Nancy in Oliver! because I loved as long as he needs me.

So, I'm a dancer. I have just started ballet and have been doing ballroom, Latin and stage for around six years now, passing around about 20 exams. I was into street when I was eleven and it's helped loads with my contemporary style in GCSE dance. I love to dance and it may be the thing I was 'born to do'. I'm a retired gymnast. I've done it for 14 years since I was two a d in January I had to quit because my training hours were changed and it meant every Monday I would go to bed around one in the morning, which didn't work out with school. I hate saying I'm an ex gymnast (because I wasn't very good) so I go with retired. I really want to learn guitar because I write my own songs and would love to produce them someday. I love to sing. I can't get enough of it. And I love to write (duh).

Anyone who wants a chat, pm me, I love getting messages and will write back ASAP.

So... Dance like no ones watching, love like you can't get hurt. Sing like no one is listening, and, live as though heaven is on earth. One thing left to say...

Do you permit it?

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