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sup brotatoes,

i'm obsessed with devil may cry (mainly DMC 4 coz Nero's in it) and anime. i love drawing and painting you might be able to find me on deviant-art with the same username only with a capital E on the end of it.

i ship anime characters but only yaoi parings (its more smexy) as you may see in my faves, only a few so far cos i'm only going to fave the good ones (really good ones the best of the best) so get your A-game on coz i'm coming to fave (uhg that sounded weird)

well i basically wrote this so a curtain someone would know its me...(yes you, jaejenkins) but you would probably know it me from the picture and name. also who else would have this username (if someone does i will hunt them down with a knife)

but the good thing about me writing this is that everyone will know my weird-ness (special-ness). release the unicorns to spread the weir-uh-special-ness to the world. OK so i'm to stop typing/speaking my mind now before i kill those reading this with forever going typing that's forever going... typing... ugh

see ya when i'm looking at ya, bye

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