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In 2015 I decided that I wanted to incorporate all the Sheldon/Penny fan created stories that are in various databases (FanFiction, Archive of Our Own (Ao3), Tumbler, Live Journal, etc) around the internet into one location to make it easier for like-minded people to get to the stories they really want to read.

I started with the FanFiction Database and went through all the Big Bang Theory "completed" stories (over 3,200) and began to separate the appropriate stories into different "Shenny" categories, but then I came across other stories. Beautiful stories of alternate BBT couples, slash, vintage friendship and even some crazy crack fics. All of a sudden the project changed, I decided that this collection needed to incorporate ALL the alternate couples that The Powers That Be either decided they couldn't or wouldn't open the box on.


No matter if you like Shenny, Shelnard, Wolopalli or another alternate couple, I hope you enjoy the stories in this collection - Nutz

Note: As of July 2019, the Non-Canon Fanfiction Collection has 2,000 Sheldon/Penny stories and over 900 Alternate ship stories (including Shelnard, Wolopalli, Alt. slash, Alt. couples and Sheldon/OC) from both FanFiction and Ao3.

the bigbang theoryhq .com/ fan-fiction (no spaces)

A special thank you to Gwendy85 for her permission to use her Fan art.

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