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Name: You can call me Cupcake ;P

Sex: Not right now I have a headache..just kiding.. Female

Hey you guys i haven't posted any stories yet but i will when i get over my nerves and have some extra time. I like yuri/yaoi pairrings just as much (maybe a little more XD) as stright pairings. I love unlikely pairings the most though soo yeah.

Ummmm...i don't know..

Anyway if you want to chat or just want to give writer's block tips to a rookie you can send me a PM.

Random Crap About Me:

-I freaking love cats

-I love manga/anime and old cartoons that some people just forget about.

-Fav color is red and black sometimes purple.

-I am constanly trying to improve my drawing (i draw manga)

-I also have a profile at (user name has to do with cupcakes also)

-I love cupcakes (no shit right)!

-The one color that I can't help to always wear is black.

-I don't really do the whole women's clothing (i wear chic's clothing just not really girly) and make-up thing for many reason but mostly because i'm just don't give a single dick.

-I can't help but swear when i cold... for example: *shiver* Son of a mutha fucking dick bitch on a stick!!

Curent Fav Charater:

Yui-MHCP001ยป (Mental Health Counseling Program 001). -"Sword Art Online" cuz she it's just so freaking CUTE!!

Shego-"Kim Possible" cuz i knew since i was little she is hot.

Jade West-"Victorious" cuz her voice is amazing!!

Kiba-"Naruto" cuz he is just... he is... i don't really know why i like him?

Tsukune Aono-"Rosario Vampire" cuz he must have alot of will power.

Yui Hirasawa-"K-On" cuz again soo CUTE!!

--There is just to much to type--

I would fuck:

Naruto Uzumaki-"Naruto" cuz he is just awesome and kickass!!


Mizore Shirayuki-"Rosario Vampire" cuz she is just (atleast to me) so mind blowingly HOT!!

-Oh in case haven't figured this out yet... I'm bisexual ;p

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