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Hello there!

I’m Choco Forest [previously: Nora57] or you can call me Nora. I decided to change my username because I felt like it hehe~ so the evolution of my existence here from "guest" - "Nora" - "Nora57" - "Choco Forest" ... I'm gonna stick with that name for a long time.

About me... humh let's see… I’m Asian female earthling, a full-time pluviophile who loves to eat. ‘Good food, good mood’ is one of my favorite quotes ;) things that I like including anime, books, chocolate, ice cream, j-drama/k-drama, manga, movies, music, SUJU, and many many more!

In this place, I usually read fanfictions about my neopolitan one-true pairing: GRAYLU, ICHIRUKI, SASUSAKU! But I do enjoy reading fanfictions besides those three couples.

I decided to post my graylu fanfiction here that I originally posted on Tumblr to spread the graylu love ;)

~ C.O.L.D [11.11]

~ What have I gotten myself into? [15.11]

~ Err... surprise? [12.12]

~ You want me to do what?! [25.12] - inspired by this post!

Well . . . it's good to see you and have a nice day! :)

A friendly reminder!

SasuSaku Month 2017 - entire month of July - blog: sasusakumonths

SasuSaku Smut Month 2015 - entire month of November - blog: how-to-make-a-salad // salad-doesnt-just-end

GrayLu Week 2017 - 1st - 7th September - blog: fyeahgrayluweek

Ichiruki Month 2017 - entire month of August - blog: ichirukimonth

Ichiruki Week 2015 - 7th - 13th December - blog: ichiruki

GrayLu Fluff Fest 2017 - 7th - 14th February - blog: graylu-fluff-fest

GrayLu Angst Week 2017 - 6th - 12th May - blog: graylu-angstweek

GrayLu Love Fest 2017 8th - 15th July - blog: graylulovefest

All are held on tumblr!

GRAYLU WEEK '17 - September 1 until 7

blog: fyeahgrayluweek @ tumblr

Prompt Set:

Day 1: Grey

Day 2: Loud

Day 3: Ordinary

Day 4: Tremble

Day 5: Playground

Day 6: Fragrance [ specific genre: smut and/or fluff ] *

Day 7: Trace

Bonus day: "memorable moments" or "last day on earth"

Same as last year, we will use *GRAYLU DAY as LOVE LOVE DAY also, so that’s why we only suggest those genres.

Well, let’s spread the news and the graylu love!

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