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Hello everyone,

Where to begin? Well lets start with a few things about me. I have been writing fanfiction on and off for years now and though I do have a few finished works I will not be posting them at this time due to the fact that they are dedicated to friends and each were given the hard copy of that work. SO much of what I will be posting on here are newer works. Most of my stories are from the Harry Potter fandom, but I am trying to expand. At this point I am working on a HP fanfiction and a Labyrinth fanfiction. I do a lot of OC stories if you don't like it then don't read them. Those with the courage to do so will not be disappointed at least I hope not. If for some reason you would like to get a hold of me through private message please address them to Sabby. No that is not my real name but it sounds more personal than Notlongatall4189 don't you think?

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