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Heyy Names Kim though my pen name is Lucy.I have a wattpad account which is Explosive_Ninja go check that friend couldn't go on this website anymore and since I didn't want to make one,she let me have about me...

I love Cotton Cnady,Apples,gum,and basically anything sweet.

Waffles are better than Pancakes.

I'm random,wierd,outgoing,loud,laid back,cheerful,funny,and AWESOME,I can be serious and mean when I have to soooooo


LETS SEE,I love music,any type except for country,I love reading and watching about every type of book/movie or manga/anime.I like watching and reading comedies,horror,and action.I'm not really the romance type of person.Uh,what else,my favorite color is silver,orange,and favorite animal is a Wolf,Phoenix,Falcons and Pandas.

I'm actually a Waffle,Please don't eat me T.T:)

Mess with ma food,mainly Waffles,Cheetos,Noodles,and Cotton Candy,YOU die,haha lol jk but seriously don't touch ma food,if ya do,ill bite you

I think writing is about expressing your feelings or ideas about certain things or just plain out being creative.I know I might not be the best writer out there but,my friends are supporting me in this,so I know one day,I'll be an awesome writer.Good Luck to every other writer out there :)

Thousand Foot Krutch is da bomb :3

The main things I like is pranking people,seeing people's reactions,teasing people,music,anime,manga(of course),reading,writing,ma cousins/siblings,creepy pastas,taking naps,and watching the dislikes,don't wanna tell ,that's all,See ya later x)

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