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Hello To anyone who Might be reading this, Which I severely Doubt, lol

I'm 41 - Yup Old- I am a mother of 2 , who married my high school sweetheart and have been married for 23 years now. My Kids are now out of the house, I’m am empty nester at 41. Now I raise Standard Poodles! I have 4 and my daughter has 2 at her house. I adore the breed, sweet loving, loyal and they don’t shed! I usually have a litter or 2 a year, if anyone is interested you can PM me :)

Pretty sure that I won't ever have any stories for you to read, other than my Recommendations. I have A Lot of Incredible Stories and A Lot of Genius writers on my Fav lists, please check them out!

I Adore FF! There have been so many book series that I just wasn't satisfied with the original endings Cough SVM Cough and others where I'm not sure the series will Ever get their books finished Cough A Song Of Ice And Fire- GRRM Cough. So I found FF where I can have the endings/ pairings I want to see and actually read what Amazing writers dream up. Also where else can you find a Twilight/Avengers crossover?

I really want to Thank the Writers who post on this site and others. You put so much time and effort into your work and you share it online with everyone, so people like me, can read it for Free! I think that deserves respect and Thanks! I see some reviews where people get critical or mean about the work that the writers are putting out, and Seriously it's like if you Don't like the story, then stop reading! Personally I have found certain stories that just aren't my cup of tea, so I just back out and don't read, it's not hard. Just be nice these Writer's are doing this without being paid and sharing their work, when they don't have to.

So My Thanks goes out to the Authors!

Thank You!

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