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Shadow the Dark Arcanine PM
Joined Jul '13

Full username: Shadow the dark Arcanine creator of OCs.

I'm a fan of the Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, and Pokemon.

Status: Somewhat bored out of my fucking mind.

Nickname: Lupine Drake.

I'm a Pisces )-(.

My Animagus form is a Zburator, Enfield, and Xenobeast.

I mostly come up with ocs for Pokemon, percy Jackson series, and Harry Potter fanfiction stories that are rated m for mature and the genre is romance. But nothing with Yaoi in it. No offense to the gays out there, its that I don't like reading something that has guy on guy action in it, OK.

So if your looking for an ocs for a fanfiction story that's any of those three subject, pm me.

OCs that I have created: Lupine Moor (there are different versions of this oc), Sapphire Crystal, Lupine Draco, Lupine Draia.

Writers who can testify that the OCS characters are mine are TheGhost23, Forever United Never We Fall, xockz, werewolf rider 17, Tracker-02, Enryuo, ect.

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My backup account is Shadow's backup account... yeah, it's a pretty lame user name, I know.

Always watching, never blinking, all seeing, soul piercing, guardian of all fanfic writers and one of the many banes of CriticsUnited. May the vile, evil, unjust, and wicked organization known as CritisUnited days be numbered for they're a blight on all those who write fanfics and on those who are future fanfic writers. May they fear the ground they walk on, the air they breathe and the shadows they both cast and walk through.

What I believe is wrong about certain readers on this site.

Flamers and others that are similar to them.

What the absolute fuck is wrong with those people? do they get off by dissing, threatening, and trying to control someone's creativity? and those who leave guest reviews, are a bunch of cowards who think they have a pair when in all actuality they don't even have one in the first place. and those who leave threats are a bunch of morons who don't even realize that it is kinda against the law in a sense that it could be passed off as cyberbullying. why can't people realize that this is a site where people can get together and share their creations that they made and possibly have a few get to ather and collaborate with each other to make a story that they are proud of. this site is a site where it is encouraged to share ones work with others and in turn get helpful (keyword helpful) advice and techniques in order to make the current or the next story better. instead all I see is those who are not even considering the fact that the person probably worked extremely hard on the story despite what gets thrown at them by life itself. they also disregard that persons feelings when their pride and they joy that they put on this site, gets repeatedly dragged through the mud figuritly speaking. for me when I see a story that interests me,I read it and if I get to a point where I can't take it, I just stop reading it.

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