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Hey! I'm Harpreet aka simplymoshingintomordor and I'm a 21-year old girl from England whose sole aim in life is to do anything but what I'm meant to. Who needs a maths degree, eh? (Update: I've now got one, wooop!!)

I've been on fanfiction since I was about 13 (because I follow the rules obviously) but before I started BotB, I hadn't written for about four years, so I decided to set up this account so I could start afresh. (After much consideration, I'm going to have to disappoint those of you who have asked me for my old details, because really, it's too embarrassing. Sorry.)

My favourite genre is fantasy, which ranks Lord of the Rings as my favourite thing of all time. In both book and movie form. Nothing beats LotR. I also love The Inheritance Cycle, the Edge Chronicles, The Grisha Trilogy, Throne of Glass series and the Icemark Chronicles. More recently, I have fallen prey to all of the dystopian fiction out there too though, so yes, I've read The Hunger Games, Divergent, Uglies, Gone series etc. [Also I'm not a massive VA fan, but Bloodlines is like air to me. Sydrian 4 lyfe]

And then the Angels landed.

I didn't think I'd like the Shadowhunter series when I first heard of them. In fact, my sister had been begging me to read them since the very beginning but I scoffed at the idea of half-human half-angel beings. In the end, I gave in and decided to read The Infernal Devices since I'd just moved to London for university and...that was basically the beginning of the end. I fell completely in love. Mainly with Will Herondale, but also the Shadowhunter world itself. I'd find myself walking through many of the places mentioned in the book and freaking out, like accidentally going through Soho square and being like 'HEY THIS IS WHERE THE OPIUM DEN WAS' a little too loudly, earning many confusing stares from passersby. After that, I quickly devoured The Mortal Instruments and so they became the only series that after a four-year break, could finally infest me with so many plot bunnies and headcanons that I just had to start writing again. You have witnessed some of that already, or if you haven't yet and have just decided to read my profile because I sounded so interesting, then I'd recommend you have a look. Unless you have work to do. Don't follow my example. Work is good.

Aside from writing and pretending I'm a descendent of Aragorn, I also play guitar for this pretty cool band. We definitely don't sound like donkeys. At least, not anymore - we like to think the years 2008-2011 didn't happen. Maybe one day we'll be good enough for me to tell you our name.

Music is therefore the other love of my life, hence why BotB is so music-orientated, and most of the bands I listen to are from somewhere within the rock/metal spectrum. My two favourites are The Word Alive and 30 Seconds To Mars and I've been lucky enough to hang out with TWA a few times, including interviewing them for Rocksound. Other than that, I'm in everlasting mourning over the german band Panik who split up back in 2009, but I'm still hanging onto the hope that they'll return to grace us with their incredible talent. I also hold a special place in my heart for Her Bright Skies and...Tokio Hotel. Laugh all you like, but those guys taught me more german than my school managed in five years of lessons. I've loved them since my early teens and a love like that can never be put to rest.

You can stop laughing now.

So yep, that's me in a nutshell. This might have given you more insight as to why my fics are as crazy as they are, or maybe it's just left you more confused. Either way, this platform has given me so much over the past year and introduced me to many ridiculously cool people, like you.

I see it this way: for every person I can make laugh or smile with my stories, it'll counteract the tears I'll shed when I fail my exams. (Update: I didn't fail my exams) So yes, I encourage you to laugh. And if you do, tell me :P

Below are links for other various stuff. Go wild.

You can read a recent author interview I did here.

For merch: http:///people/smimordor (Search for smimordor on redbubble)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smimordor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smimfiction

Tumblr: http:// (Links to tumblr don't seem to work any more, so search for the URL simplymoshingintomordor)

Mallard Massacre tumblr: http:/// (again url is mallardmassacre)

For information about my Battle of the Bands fic i.e. updates and FAQs, search the botbfic tag on tumblr, or click here for a direct link to my posts.

For information about my newest fic - A Tale Of Two - search the atotfic tag on tumblr or click here for the link.

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