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Yho welcome to my profie bio!

I'm just an wierdo author. Mungkin ada yang mau mampir di lapak saya di Wattpad : VikingVampire (Frau Lecter Prime)

Stories list in order of time :

1. Wait for Me (Luna Lovegood X Lucius Malfoy) *COMPLETED*

2. Changes (Hermione Granger X Lucius Malfoy) *COMPLETED*

3. Two Pieces of Chocolate for The Shape (Michael Myers, OC) *COMPLETED*

4. The Contract (Luna Lovegood X Lucius Malfoy) [ONGOING]

5. His Enemy is My Crush (Ginny Weasley X Lucius Malfoy) *COMPLETED*

6. Wait for Me II : The Path (Luna Lovegood X Lucius Malfoy) [ONGOING]

7. The Other Dimension (Crossover Harry Potter X Kekkaishi) [ONGOING]

8. The Knight of the Night (Optimus Prime x Mikaela Banes) [ONGOING]

9. Confession (Masamori x Tokine) *COMPLETED*

10. The Wind of Change (Optimus Prime x Tessa Yeager) *COMPLETE*

11. The Knight of The Night : New Hope (Optimus Prime x Mikaela Banes) [ONGOING]

12. The Guardian (The Terminator a.k.a Pops a.k.a Uncle Bob, Sarah Connor) *COMPLETE*

13. The Armoured Heart (Corporal GiroroxNatsumi Hinata)

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