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Kerei Kitsune
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Hii If you're checking here for updates there might not be any for a bit... or possibly ever. I'm pretty much out of the Beyblade fandom so it isn't likely it'll be continued. I don't even really remember the original ideas anymore and to tell the truth the writing is pretty bad. I'd like to fix up the entrie stoies if I keep going... So anyways if you're totally dissappointed by this or something feel free to continue the fic or start one with the same idea. Just be sure to send me a link so I can direct everyone there if you do. Sorry about that to all those waiting on it. ;

Well since I'm not really into Beyblade anymore here's the stuff I am into as far as reading fanfiction for it goes: Leged of Zelda, Harry Potter, Dr.Who, Ouran Highschool Hot Club, Chronicles of Narina, The Outsiders, Tales of Symphonia, Yugioh(The dub is a joke... but thats okay cause it leads to wonderful things.. if you don't know what I speak of, two words: Yugioh Abridged. The characters however are wonderful for the most part. I love fanfiction for that series) Full Metal Alchemist, Saiyuki, Sukisho, Tsubasa Chronicles and Get Backers. If you look into my faves that's probably what you'll find.

I am a huge gamer and I'd really like to develop some after college and I love anime though I'm not ecstatic about it really. I used to be but my love of games and Dr.Who and The Count of Monte Cristo outshone it :P

I also love Slash and if you don't know what that is you can't have been here long -_- but I do love Het as much as Slash really. Some series just aren't meant for it

my account on fiction press(there's not too much there):


Power of Three Sequel: like it says: it was an assignment for english where we had to write a short sequel to the book we were reading. I read Diana Wynne Jones "Power of Three". It was written in like grade seven... when I first started writing so it's not very good. Perhaps I'll fix it up a little bit :D ... doesn't help when you barely remember what happened in the book though...

"Embracing Twilight" and "Breath of Fire": probably not going to be finished. If you're interested in continuing them tell me

Out of Control:I have absoloutly no clue what to do with it. I don't think I even really knew where I was going with it. I do however like what I wrote so I'll probably change the characters last names and move it to fictionpress as an original story. It'll make it easier to come up with something then. Thanks to my reviewers though and I'll find some way to make it up to you.

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