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I love to read and recently thought to try my hand at writing. I hope everyone likes my stories.

I am a Star Trek fan. My favorite series is Deep Space Nine. I am also real heavy into Harry Potter. My favorite pairings are Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, George/Angelina. I am very fascinated with the latter. I always found that interesting that George and Angelina ended up together. If you check out my favorites you will find a lot of George and Angelina fanfics in their. Although I have read some of the other fanfic pairings of Hermione/Draco which is kind of scary to me but to each his own. Now with that being said I have run across a lot of good Dramione fanfic and I have to say that it has convinced me that maybe they could have made a great couple. I will read it and review it. The only thing that is really something that I think couldn't possibly happen is Hermione/Harry and Snape/Hermione. That is kind of gross.

Right now in my writing I am exploring the world of Angelina and George. I hope you would read and review. Give me some good ideas about what you think should change. I can use a little constructive criticism but I will not stand for out right ugliness/meanness. To be perfectly honest all of us up here are amateurs. So please don't act like my fanfic is the worst you have ever seen written. If I was to go to yours it would probably be worse.

Ok so I am convinced that a relationship between Hermione and Draco can happen. Although I believe it would be very volatile but yet it would be the best romance ever. As they say opposites do a attract. I am currently working on a means to an end on my story "The One Night Stand." I am trying to come up with a concept for a sequel to my story "It Was Always You." You know to bring the little Weasley's into the world and tell a little bit of their story. You don't see a lot of fics about George and Angelina's children. They might get an honorable mention in some of the other fictions about Rose, Hugo or any other of them so that is something I am looking into for a future project. If anyone would like to work on that idea with me just send me a PM.

I have also aquired my Beta reader creditials so if anyone needs one just let me know.

George & Angelina how cute! :)

Have Fun Every One!

Ok so I am taking a little time away from writing, at least chapter stories. There maybe a few one shots that may pop up from time to time. I will however be doing plenty of reading and if you need a Beta reader I am available.

It was Always You I did some research and looked up about the different couples and found that although Angelina went to the Yule Ball with Fred. She still married George in end. I thought that was peculiar. I believe that maybe they harbored feeling for each other but, they were too shy to act on them. So this was just a little something that was born. It was my first chapter fic.

The One Night Stand I decided to put a little twist on this story. I know a couple who this happened to so, I adapted it to this story and threw in a few things here and there.

We Can't Be Friends I wrote this one day while I was trying to get over my writers block while writing The One Night Stand. I was reading a story by the author of one of my favorite stories Friends with Benefits and I remember the author say that writing one shots was a good way to get past writers block. So this story was born.

WHAT THE HELL! This story came about as I was sitting in a long line at the bank and I was thinking about a co worker of mine who was excited that his significant other was having twins but needless to say once they were born he found out that only one belonged to him. Seriously it sounds far fetched but this stuff really happens.

Well that's enough ranting for now.

Ok so, I haven't been sleeping as of late. That old insomnia is back so I have been going through my published works and proofreading. I figured if I am going to be a Beta reader why not Beta some of my own stuff. I have three works that I am currently working on but I want to get my ducks in a row before I post them. There is one story that I am having a little trouble with. Not because I have writers block but because of the nature of the story. I will probably end up getting someone to Beta that for me. If not to catch grammar and spelling mistakes just to help me find some holes in my plot line. Well enough of my insomniac rant.

Some have asked me to turn What the Hell! into a chapter fic but I don't see that happen for the simple fact that I wouldn't have the first clue where to take it or what to do with it, so we are going to leave it at that. I am currently working on a story that I am thinking about naming The remnants of you it's angsty it does involve two characters, I don't want to give a lot away but I can say that it will be put up all on the same day and will probably have maybe five chapters if that. Just a FYI for anyone who cares or even reads my profile.


Well here I am again. So the story that I am still developing is coming along. I have changed the name from The Remnants of You to Living with it. That is subject to change at anytime as I am not too thrilled with that name at this time. As I said it is one of my most difficult stories that I have written. There are a few holes in the plot that I have to fill as of right now I am just going through and filling in. I haven't finished it all out but I will be coming before the end of the year. (Hopefully) I am hopeful that once I put this up that you my fellow readers will like it and give me plenty of reviews as well as a lot of favorites of this story. One thing I do want to say is that as a writer we tend to say that we are not review junkies but that is how we know that what we are writing is any good. I'm not saying get up there and leave a bunch of flames or anything but if nothing else send us a PM and let us know that we have messed up or the plot sucks and maybe we should rethink it. I'm just saying. I see and know how it feels to put yourself out there and hope for the best and then see that your story has 1,000 views but you only have 10 reviews. Come on that would make anyone want to take down their story and run for the hills. Well enough of my random rants. Be breezy.

I am very saddened to learn that one of my favorite writers has taken down all of her Dramiones. I don't know why, but I wish her all the luck in the world. She was one the best writers of the Dramione genres that I have ever had the pleasure of reading and being a beta for. I hope that she will post them again. Thank you for letting me in on your world that was Dramione dulce. de. leche. go.

Wow I guess I have been away from the world of writing for a long time. Hopefully I will be back on the grind. I have graduated and now I am a job seeker, so whatever career I end up with I hope that it allows time for reading and writing. I am still developing my story hopefully I will be able to bring it to life for you all and you enjoy what has been written.


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