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A little bit about the Reclun:


Little is known about this elusive creature. But well-written fanfiction/original fiction seems to tempt her into peeking out of her hidey-hole. She also occasionally tries her hand at writing. (Not that she's ever finished anything in her life.)

What the Reclun loves to read:

Time-travel fics. SI fics. Fix-its. Zombie Apocalypse AUs.

MoD!Harry Potter; Fem!Harry Potter; Time-travel!FFVII are a few of my go-to indulgences.

Currently looking for:

- God!Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou/Nastume Book of Friends)

- Elfling!Harry Potter (Harry Potter x Lord of the Rings)

- Female!Harry Potter/Rhaegar Targaryen (Harry Potter x Game of Thrones)


Shades of Black

A Shounen Onmyouji fanfiction

Discontinued. Possible reincarnation at later date.

Summary: Someone's going around killing people with a demonic purpose. Masahiro is running himself into the ground trying to stop the murders and restore Guren's memories at the same time, and Seimei can't help him this time- he's got demons of his own to deal with (or does he, really?). A young boy enters the capital with the intention of finding and killing his enemy, a job left unfinished; yet, his sister is the one that repeatedly runs into Masahiro and the gang. On a lighter note: dark(?) secrets from Rikugou's past revealed, Mokkun meets his double- minus the bunny ears, and an infatuated god manages to electrify the fish in the pond. All this and more, before time runs out and Masahiro is left with the corpses of those he holds dear...can they stop the evil running rampant in the capital in time? (Slight hints of AkikoxMasahiro, although I'm making this part of an overall MasahiroxOC fic.)

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