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Joined Nov '03

Name: Jackie

Age: 16

Location: A little Island called Australia

Stuff About Me: I like reading, writting, talking to friends on the net and watching T.V (when it's not being pissy and showing repeats of the only shows I watch religiously). I'm a fandom whore and a slash slut.

Fandoms I Whore: I've only ever I written Harry Potter and The O.C fanfics but I also love NCIS, House, Supernatural, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Ships I sail: Ryan/Seth (The O.C), Luke/Seth (The O.C) Ryan/Luke (The O.C) Seth/Summer (The O.C), Jack/Daniel (Stargate SG1), John/Rodney (Stargate Atlantis). I also Use to ship Kate/Tony (NCIS) before they killed her off.

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