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Since I have no intention of publishing anything anytime soon, you can treat this as inconsequential of course. I may use this to list a few pet peeves, though.

1) "Reading... " Stories. In a word: Why? Character X finds the canon books/vids/fanfiction and fourth wall breaking and other shenanigans ensue. Yay... I Understand that the good 'ole "don't like don't read" spiel applies, but I have to ask: paying tribute to something is a cool enough motivation and all, but... why pad the wordcount with copypasting another story and interjecting with "witty" or whatever comments from time to time? I've seen Author pairs doing this, that i can see the point of, but "reading canon"? Nope. Also, mind the plagiarism and copyrights, derivate work is all nice and dandy, but thats really just stealing, respraying, redistributing in auto terms. A "reading *fanfic title*" story is equally weid to me. Is it to honor the Author's work? Do people want this? Why not simply read the original? They show up in the same category, have mostly the same content and usually have the same rating. (barring censorship or the activities the "reading" inspires the chracters to do exceeds the original rating. Again, why?)

2) Yaoi/Yuri/Gore/Sexual violence Tags and Filters. Why not? We have ratings from K to M (No MA for that matter... Maybe for registered users?...), roughly translating to for all ages to NC17, but do not differenciate between what is considered offensive? This site gets a lot of traffic and exposure, so it does not want to appear as the naughty kids playground. Fair enough,more power to you guys. As it stands, we have abominations like critics united running amok and a fairly unforgiving deletion policy in place, and that really can't be the solution. Psudocode Samurai dedicated his entire profile page to this particular point, for details, look that up. So, why tags? Easy, cultural differences. Take a look at movie ratings, and the national differences. In france, sex in movies is hardly an issue, in the US, violence is not. You can get away with radically different things, and those are two western countries with a comparatively small cultural barrier. in Japan it is a-ok to write/draw/animate monster-cocked-dinosaurs plowing a 5 year old looking girl as long as you mention somewhere that she is older than she looks. Try that in New Zealand or the US and the Party van will visit you. Instead of trimming everything to the least offensive denominator, differentiate.

3) Concerning crossovers: Fuck power scales. In a Supernatural setting, they will always be arbitrary. As "Less Wrong" put it in his laws of fanfiction:

"Rule One: If you do anything to increase the protagonist's power, or make their life easier, you must also amplify their opponent or add extra difficulties to their life. You can't make Frodo a Jedi unless you give Sauron the Death Star. Otherwise, even if it is well-written in all other ways, your story will suck because the reader will know to expect an unending string of easy victories, leading them to neither wonder or care about what happens next. The Mary Sue is not defined by her power being too strong, but by her challenges being too easily overcome."

Extrapolated from there: If you insert a stupidly powerful character from a high powered setting into a low powered setting with low powered characters, you get either a parody or a desaster, unless you weaken the inserted character or power up the setting. To stay with the above example: say you insert Superman into the Lord of the Rings universe, (since you always considered Frodo a spineless pussy) and -since he is the All American Boy Scout Perfect Paragon Kind Of Guy- you make Big Blue the ringbearer. Cool. Supes takes the ring, Accelerates to mach 5, needlessly angsts about global warming caused by Sauron's Eye, drops the ring into mount doom like he is Skrillex and lil' shiny is the base, everyone celebrates, Supes proceeds to bone every female character ever named in the novels because why not. Sequel pending, working title, SUPERMAN, EMPEROR OF ALL EVERYTHINGS! Please don't do this.

4) Attempts to scale feats and abilities with "real world" physics. this is just crazy and pointless. Don't believe me? Well, I do have to give props to Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer, who nerdraged (Flawless research and Math though, I have no problem whatsoever admitting that.) about the abilities of the character Naruto. His claim was that he always, even though he always was the underdog in the series, was a unmitigated Badass of the most epic proportions. I will, at this point, not be the bigger man and leave this at that, but childishly Nerdrage right back.

To cite some of his reasoning for the strengh of the character being superhuman:

"When Naruto creates chains of clones, that is his own weight (88 Pounds) times the number of clones" an astonishing feat, no question there. What it implies though, is that he can create a mass of 88 pounds (or if you are not american, 40.6 KG) from literally nothing but the energy his body generates. consequently, let us assume everything follows the same laws of physics that our own universe does:

According to Einstein's energy-mass equivalence E= MC2, we get approximately 9.0 1016 joules per kilogram. 40.6 times that (365.4 x 1016) for a single shadow clone.

Now what does this mean when put into perspective? Upon detonation, ten Megatons of TNT releases 4.1841016 (as standardized). A single shadow clone beats that. It is about 87 times greater, meaning a single shadow clone takes the energy equivalent to the detonation of 870 Megatons of TNT. he can, as FTD correctly points out, make over a thousand of em, easily at that. The strongest ever detonated Nuclear Bomb had a 57 Megaton yield, and the shockwave went around the world two times. So yeah. 15 times (and I have rounded down here) the Tsar bomb = 1 Shadow clone. 30000 Tsar bombs = 2000 shadow clones. His food better be pure plutonium or his stomach a Fusion Reactor.

What does this tell us? Either their planet is made of some pretty sturdy stuff, since it was postulated that a 100 MT bomb might as well be The End Of All Things by virtue of igniting the athmosphere, or we should really just accept that supernatural fantasy worlds don't play by the same rule set. So people, I understand that you want that character you like to be the Avatar of all things Kickass, but stop comparing cats to dogs. drop this shit. It simply does not work.

As for lifting the proposed mass: It boils down to the tensile strengh of tendons, really. Let's not even start this.

5) A fairly recent, but very serious development: . Let’s not mince facts: Fanfiction authors live and produce in a grey area. There are, under American Copyright Law at least, many legal avenues to really ruin their day, if not lives. Fanfiction as a genre is, more than likely, about as old as fiction. Dante’s Inferno can be classified as self-insert-fanfiction if you want to be cynical about it. But Copyright changed the rules of the game. Fanfiction is derivative work. Most large companies tolerate it (there are exceptions, of course. Lucas Film and Time Warner for example), Authors of novels can be a little less tolerant, since they depend on their copyrights to put food on the table.

So why is a bad thing? Simple, it transforms the hobby "writing Fanfiction" into a business. Fanfiction exists at the copyright holders’ mercy. They can enforce their claims at ANY time they want to. And if they see people making money off of their stuff without their consent, or paying royalties, the fan-rage backlash might seem a lot less unpleasant in comparison. For fucks sake, if you have a gun pointed at your head you don’t provoke the guy holding it.

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