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Update (5/6/17): WOW. So I'm writing Supernatural fics now. Cool. Also, I'm 21. Equally cool.

Update (4/17/14): So, you probably shouldn't expect another FMK chapter until my classes get out for the summer... I'm kind of burned out right now plus I'm super busy with classes and work. Finals are in two weeks, so I'm really sorry but I'm taking a break from FMK. Unlimited on the other hand, is going alright. I work on that on my phone. I should have the last part done soon. Soooooo, YOU SHOULD READ IT. Please? :)

Update (4/8/14): Hey, guys! So, some of you may have noticed that I've started posting for a new FrozenxWicked crossover called "Unlimited". I AM NOT ABANDONING FMK. I am, however, having a difficult time with chapter 21. I didn't set it up very well... Eheh. I've also been super busy with work and school. I have started writing it twice, and I'm still not happy with how it's coming out. I have a basic idea of what's happening, but like in a lot of stories I write, I see things when I write like I'm watching a movie and it doesn't always translate very well... Anyway, in the meantime if you'd like to read "Unlimited" that'd be great. If you just want the next chapter of FMK, it'd be wonderful if you'd PM me and maybe we could put our heads together on it.

Update (3/21/14): FMK lost a follower? It lost a follower?! A FOLLOWER??? *cries for 30 seconds* Meh, I'm over it. :) Thanks to everyone who's being patient and waiting for the rest.

Update (3/18/14): Thought I'd try to finish my fanfic by the eighteenth (to celebrate Frozen's release on blu-ray and DVD), but I don't think that's gonna happen. lol I got a job at Wally World (in case you didn't know, that's Walmart), and I've been given A LOT of hours for the next few weeks (both a blessing and a curse. I need money, but I'm also a full-time college student)... I do believe I will be taking a somewhat extended leave of absence from "For My Kingdom", and by somewhat extended, I mean until Saturday, because I have Saturday off. I'm SO SORRY to leave you guys hanging with that god-awful cliff hanger of a chapter, but I'm so busy. I will return! You have my word! By the way, who else pre-ordered Frozen???

Update (3/10/14): Athena and Artemis were placeholder names. I would only have kept them if I couldn't think of anything better. I'd like to thank fellow writer and "For My Kingdom" reader: Mort Dans La Nuit ( ) for giving me lists of AWESOME name ideas, from which I chose "Charlotte" for Athena, and "Faust" for Artemis!

Update: I changed the title of "Frozen Heart" to "For My Kingdom" due to the discovery of the fact that "Frozen Heart" is not a very original title. :)

Hey! I'm Reece (not my real name. Pen-names FTW). I've decided that I'm going to write Frozen fan-fiction. :D
My experience in fan fiction writing has been limited to Harry Potter in the past, but I'm branching out!
I'm an 18 year old trans-man from Arizona, USA and I love to write.
And Elsa. I love Elsa. (Or maybe I hate Elsa... which is why so many bad things are happening to her... )
We'll just have to see!

My other hobbies include:

Music Reading Watching TV Browsing Tumblr

If you ship Elsanna, just know that you will find none of that here. Don't tell me you ship Elsanna either or I will hunt you down Liam Neeson-style and chew you out.

Hey, does anyone else think it's really cool to see people from a whole ton of different countries looking at your work? Is it just me? I just think that's super awesome!

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