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The thing I love about fanfiction so much is that it lets us see these beloved characters in ways that they would never be able to be portrayed in their original packaging. I started reading a fanfiction about 2 years ago and can honestly say i am quite addicted. i found that the old saying "dont knock it till you've tried it" really applies to me in the case of different sorts of fanfiction. When I first started I saw a few ships and wrinkled my nose and scoffed that they could never work. How dare people think that. Slowly but surely I ran out of the first pairing I had come across. I sighed and searched for the most popular story of that dreaded pairing I had avoided so careful. I have no shame admitting I was so wrong. That has happened a few times since to the point where I see a pairing I haven't come across and don't even bother with the disbelief. It constantly amazes me the stories my fellow fanfiction authors and readers can come up with. From fluffy oneshots that leave you all warm and cuddly to heart wrenching epics that leave you begging for more.

I do tend to read almost exclusively Slash fanfiction. My theory is that most of the awesome charaters happen to be men, and I always have exceptions of course (Toph you awesome earth bender you). I also read stories with no pairings at all. I pretty much read any fandoms. I tend to get a bit ADD and skip around fandoms, pairings and themes. The only thing I refuse (so far) to read is genderswap. I'm sure I'll break that rule somewhere down the line, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

I have recently decided to try my hand at writing fanfic and it seems to be going over well. I will always be a more avid reader than a writer (major kudos to those awesome authors that can pull off several multichapter fics at the same time), but i have noticed some of my favorite slash pairings don't have nearly enough stories. So i am going to try and give them some.

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