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851 The Case of the Man Who Was Wanted » by MyDearLadyDisdain [COMPLETE!] After an inexplicable case in Surrey, Sherlock is after the strangest criminal he's ever encountered: a mass murderer, that has eluded the authorities for almost 14 years. Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes is the only one that can see right away that this Harry Potter character is completely innocent. And hang on, is that tea set floating? (Harry/Sherlock)
Harry Potter & Sherlock, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 40, words: 238k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 10/17/2023 published: 2/23/2014, Harry P., Hermione G., Sherlock H., John W.
178 Past's Playmate » by Pravus Angellus Undergoing Rewrite as of 08/07/19. Time travel, Founders, Vampires, Dark Lords, Oh my! Slash! Warning: M/M pairings, some het, if you don't like, please don't read. Some chapters may contain items not appropriate for those under the age of 17. Harry/Multi
Harry Potter, M, English, chapters: 21, words: 58k+, favs: 759, follows: 817, updated: 8/7/2019 published: 5/28/2012, Harry P., Sirius B., Severus S., Tom R. Jr.
3k+ Teeth » by hathanhate Harry messes up the animagus process and begins a new journey. New friends and old share his discovery of life. What is in store for The-Boy-Who-Lived? What dangers will he face? Find out inside! WARNINGS: Begins entirely in HP world, crossover starts later. Harry is bisexual. Rated M to be safe.
Harry Potter & Avengers, M, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 62, words: 520k+, favs: 6k+, follows: 7k+, updated: 4/3/2018 published: 6/19/2013, Harry P., Severus S., Loki, Hulk/Bruce B.
3k+Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own » by Sashian Harry has a great memory, photographic even. He remembers everything even the day he was born. Every sight, sound, smell or touch he remembers with crystal clarity and he has power from the moment he is born. And whats up with Hedwig? All chapters edited for spelling, grammar, and some content. You may want to re-read it.
Harry Potter, M, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 26, words: 182k+, favs: 11k+, follows: 12k+, updated: 12/31/2017 published: 8/4/2009, Harry P.
2k+ Burnt » by lastcrazyhorn A disabled Harry comes to Hogwarts story. Everyone expects him to be like his dad, but how can he be with such a different past? A Slytherin Harry takes on Hogwarts in an unusual way.
Harry Potter, T, English, Horror & Fantasy, chapters: 37, words: 108k+, favs: 7k+, follows: 6k+, updated: 8/20/2017 published: 3/29/2011, Harry P., Severus S.
1k+ Curiouser and Curiouser » by Cibbsoldlady Harry is more then just a wizard; he's a genius. So what happens when he meets another genius the beginning of his third year? One that Deduces Harry's treatment at the Dursleys in less then a minute? The answer; Quite a lot, apparently... Mentor!Sherlock Genius!Harry
Harry Potter & Sherlock, K, English, Fantasy, chapters: 10, words: 20k+, favs: 6k+, follows: 8k+, updated: 10/13/2016 published: 11/12/2012, Harry P., Hermione G., Sherlock H., John W.
910 In Search of Companionship » by Inevitably Insane After the events of the Sign of Three, Sherlock falls into a bout of melancholy; Mycroft, the consummate manipulator, suggests "filling the gap" and things largely get out of hand from there. A Sherlock adopts Harry!fic, set between Episodes Two and Three of Season Three.
Harry Potter & Sherlock, T, English, Family, chapters: 12, words: 62k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 4k+, updated: 7/17/2015 published: 2/19/2014, Harry P., Sherlock H.
80 Office Blunders by PandasWearGlasses When Leroy fails to make their reserved lunch date, Harry decides to visit him at his office, but fails to consider his ability to attract trouble wherever he goes. This time trouble takes the form of an undesired proposition. LG/HP. Fluff! Oneshot. Warnings: Light Slash, Age gap relationship.
Harry Potter & NCIS, T, English, Romance & Humor, words: 2k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 603, 12/21/2014, Harry P., Leroy Jethro Gibbs
90 Wizard Nightmare by Arawn D. Draven What would happen if Harry died in an accidental fire before even going to Hogwarts? What if he made a contract to be able to kill those he holds responsible for his suffering: the adults? Alive Potters, Wizards bashing, and rated M because of some rather gory and disturbing scenes.
Harry Potter & A Nightmare on Elm Street, M, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 14k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 433, 11/1/2014, Harry P., Freddy K.
447 Dreaming of the finishing line » by stolen with the night John Watson had almost died in Afghanistan if not for the strangely calm boy with emerald eyes who saved his life. Getting attached to the flippant child wasn't hard even with all the strange happenings that surround him. How will having a young, genius, master of death wizard affect Sherlock and Johns adventures? For an amused 'Hamish' hiding his magic isn't even the hard part.
Harry Potter & Sherlock, T, English, Family & Crime, chapters: 5, words: 14k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 10/13/2014 published: 2/8/2014, Harry P., Sherlock H., John W.
1k+ Harry Potter and the Marcello School » by Kjkit Beginning of summer, Harry is getting over happenings in 5thyr when he is kidnapped and a door of opportunity opens... reviews welcome! COMPLETE! - 09/12 I'm aware of a few chapter loading issues - will be trying to fix when i can!
Harry Potter, T, English, chapters: 54, words: 179k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 991, updated: 9/12/2014 published: 3/19/2004, Harry P.
1k+Necromancers Anonymous » by The Iza Harry Potter was a normal child, aside from that whole raising the undead thing. But what are you gonna do? Evil!Necromancer!Harry. LVHP Slash.
Harry Potter, T, English, Humor & Horror, chapters: 8, words: 20k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 8/18/2014 published: 11/18/2007, Harry P., Voldemort
488 Online and Anonymous » by SunMonTue By day Dave is a quiet attentive school student, but by night he's a smut-writing fanfic-writer who ships Johnlock. Kurt's never heard of fanfiction before Blaine tells him about it but he's about to be exposed to a whole new world. COMPLETE
Glee, M, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 36, words: 86k+, favs: 392, follows: 252, updated: 5/29/2014 published: 3/14/2012, D. Karofsky, Kurt H.
160 Blood and Each Other » by Tiki Rane Gobell The group comes across an interesting inmate at the prison. Is he just insane or does magic really exist? DD/HP Slash
Harry Potter & Walking Dead, M, English, Romance & Horror, chapters: 7, words: 8k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 2/17/2014 published: 12/2/2013, Harry P., Daryl D.
1k+Laboring to Love » by Emi-Lynn Operation Frankenstein once again rears its ugly head. Lives will never be the same, but maybe, just maybe, there might be a silver lining after all. Starts at the beginning of season 9, but no huge spoilers, only characters. Slash, MPreg.
NCIS, M, English, Drama & Angst, chapters: 60, words: 123k+, favs: 381, follows: 410, updated: 2/11/2014 published: 1/25/2012, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tim M.
734 The Art of Subjugation » by Leyvaten-Wench Sue Sylvester finds herself in need of assistance. And who better to ask for aid than one of her few relatives, that's not an obsessive Nazi hunter or a complete waste of oxygen? Here comes Harry. Non-Magic AU Warning, possible slash and violence.
Harry Potter & Glee, M, English, Humor & Drama, chapters: 12, words: 81k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 12/6/2013 published: 8/15/2012, Harry P., Sue S., Santana L., Blaine A.
2k+ Pretty Boy » by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan Harry runs from the wizarding world, after just two weeks at hogwarts aged 11. Running away and leaving behind the Dursley's and a manipulative Headmaster. He makes a life for himself, he was now just a normal man with no expectations heaped upon him. Then, at the age of nineteen help finds him in the form of Severus Snape or rather Harry helps him. SS/HP Slash good Sirius/Remus.
Harry Potter, M, English, chapters: 55, words: 165k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 10/7/2013 published: 7/1/2007, Harry P., Severus S.
273 The Heir » by Dragon eye21 They say knowledge is power. But is there such a thing as too much Knowledge? Warning: Dumble bashing and as this will progress through all of Harry's Hogwarts years there will be Slash. Note: Please ignore the chapter glitches for now I'm still fixing it. MPREG WARNING!
Harry Potter, M, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 26, words: 240k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 8/5/2013 published: 10/11/2011, Harry P., Draco M.
20 Cover My Heart » by Totoro-Pirate Kurt and Dave find each other again 8 years after graduating Highschool during one night when Kurt walks into Dave's tattoo studio, drunk out of his mind and demanding a tattoo. How much can 8 years change a person? Written for the 2013 Kurtofsky Gift Exchange.
Glee, M, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 6, words: 21k+, favs: 101, follows: 16, updated: 6/19/2013 published: 6/18/2013, Kurt H., D. Karofsky
219 UnderCovers: a different take » by LoveMarines Tony and Gibbs have to go undercover as a couple living on a naval base. But as you get invested in your role, where does fiction end and reality begin? The line can get pretty blurry... SLASH
NCIS, M, English, Romance & Crime, chapters: 8, words: 22k+, favs: 415, follows: 238, updated: 5/12/2013 published: 12/30/2012, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony D.
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