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Hello! I don't know why anyone would read my profile as I haven't written any of the stories I want to but I've been having a lot of ideas recently and I want to get them down before forgetting or trying to write them myself. I mean 10 coinciding stories is a lot for anyone. So here are some challenges/story prompts for anyone out there interested. Hopefully more people will see this as I finally start posting stories.

Jesus these are cheesy. Still like them though.


NaWen: Now I know the mere suggestion is a bit pervy/pedo-ish given the 5-6 year difference between a 12 year old and a 17-18 year old. I also know such pairings are generally restricted to smutfics yadda yadda child porn yadda yadda. I'm not interested in that, for the most part. If an author can write a GOOD story about 12 year old Wendy seducing and bedding the fire dragonslayer then I have to read it. Anyway I think the story should be mainly from Wendy's perspective and probably lean on the lighter and happier side of fanfics. Canon is... optional? In a fic like this I think a character's thoughts, emotions, feelings, and opinions are what matter and thus the events in canon don't really matter, hell I would probably just mention canon events to show the progress of time thus these fics should probably center on Magnolia and the Guild. A drgonslayer bonding/mating/claiming/etc. (y'all know what I'm talking about, that sexy animalistic stuff though it's definitely more male fantasy than female) aspect should probably be included but it's not a demand. Again this story should probably be a bit cutsey so it should probably be along the lines of Wendy finding Natsu absolutely beautiful. Typical "what are these wierd feelings?" thing. Now divergence is difficult... again a good amount of time should pass as I'd prefer if the relationship became official when Wendy was closer to 16 or 18. So there are several options for a prospective author; you can go the same route as Two Dragons but then things get serious, bleh. There isn't a lot of time between oracion seis and the seven year timeskip, also not a lot from timeskip to Tartarus. So options are limited, they could be left behind when everyone goes to the celestial spirit world giving them a good three months alone without there being a lot of angst over their missing comrades,the big opportunity is definitely the year the guild is disbanded. Here liberties can be taken in that I believe originally Makarov said that it would be two years, so, let it be two years putting Wendy to 15ish. Pretty darn good for me, justify with dragonslayer mating and we're aces. Just imagine the dragon force sex.

I've said a lot so the bare bones are this:

- Wendy has to be the one dreadfully and hopelessly in love having to gain Natsu's affection

- you don't have to follow canon but it is preferable

- dragonslayer mating/bonding etc.

- Wendy is MC

SlayerHarem: So me being an irredeemable pervert feels fairly obvious at this point so this idea shouldn't be too odd. It's quite simple really, Natsu as the main guy of a harem with Dragonslayers. I hate yaoi with a passion, so, gender-bending galore! I don't really care when the story starts but i think it's going to have to be an OP Natsu. My reasoning is that for a Dragonslayer to claim another as their mate they must defeat them in battle, not only that, but Dragonslayers have a sort of territory so no unmated or decidedly friendly (in the case of the slayers being of the same gender) slayers can withstand being in close proximity to each other for an extended period of time. Basically everyone is out to get each other. Anyway the start should probably be with canon so that we can see Natsu over the years gather a harem. the first of course being fem-Laxus who, while powerful, loses after an intense battle. I am 100% ok with Laxus being the only one who understands the ramifications of one Dragonslayer losing to another. it could definitely be a source of comedy and even angst to see Laxus deal with being mated to a ten year old. I also have no interest in reading a ten year old bang a fifteen year old which leads me to suggesting and AU. Not an extremely different universe, just one where Natsu has lived life in the woods until he's like canon age. The whole building of a harem can go two ways in my head in that situation. Either Natsu A) pops into a Fairy Tail chock full of Fem-Dragonslayers and a sort of battle royal/gauntlet begins where Natsu ravenously claims mate after mate, or B) the various fem-slayers fight and lose to Natsu through the years and they end up in Fairy tail as a sort of sister-wives solidarity club or something, Natsu of course ends up in Fairy Tail. By the way all slayers are fair game: Laxus, gavel, Cobra(Erik(a)), Sting, Rogue(Post Timeskip), uhhhh, oh yeah God Serena, Acnologia, Irene, and Wendy (eventually). Finally do what you like, but I want this harem to be big, actually, following canon would make a lot of sense in the claiming of Acnologia and Irene coming much later, but then there's be a lot of padding and ugh... i don't know the details are for you challenge takers to figure out.

Bare Bones:

- Natsu is the only dude in a fem-dragonslayer harem

- All the dragonslayers must eventually be included

- A dragons layer claims a mate through combat (intentionally or not)

- Not real genre requirement but canon probably won't be the emphasis

DBZHarem: DBZ as a manga never really lent itself to a harem seeing as in the course of the entire franchise the MC goes from being 14 years old to a grandfather, family is very important. Fuck that shit (jk it was/is great). The options here will be limited to Goku, Gohan, or Goten. Vegeta is a possible choice but meh I'd prefer a Son given how fun and full of life they all are. Goku I feel would be the easiest as you can take every youngish female Goku meets in the manga, which is like a solid 5-6, and pair them up. Gohan can be difficult if morals get in the way... On the barebones you obviously have Videl and Eresa. Stretching the ticket a little bit i think there are couple girls Gohan meets in filler and some other movies that you could choose, Zangya and Lime are examples of this. OCs are also an option, but I'm not a fan of them, I barely tolerate filler characters. Finally there's the depraved route... wait, before that there is gender bending which applies to any character, literally all of them, this of course can be used to supplement the Harem of any of the characters. The limit is literally your imagination, Ox King is Ox Queen? Sure! Those ogres in Goku meets in hell when he falls of Snake Way in those filler episodes are suddenly sexy anime ogre ladies? WHY NOT! VEGETA NAPPA RADTS FRIEZA CELL PICCOLO (NAMEKIANS IN GENERAL) BABY OMEGA SHENRON, FUCKING KORIN!!!! MAKE 'EM CHICKS!!! Ehem excuse me, i just really enjoy A Lewd New World and Icha Icha World by EvilFuzzy9 and now I wanna see that with Dragonball, so yeah that's an option. And for the morally ambiguous authors Gohan (or Goten for whom all Gohan options are available... you could just replace the names in the same story) could hit puberty real hard and wish for all beings in existence to be chicks who would be super into him. Also incest, like Goten is Gohan's kid or something.

The bare bones are this:

- it's a harem

- i'm not looking for a deep story

- You can say fuckall and write something ridiculous or serious

DBZGamer: I love Gamer stories because it gives a character access to achieving Mary Sue levels of brokenness; i.e. Goku killing all the baddies with a single flick from the giant cat bandit he and Bulma run into to Hit or Omega Shenron or Buu depending on when you stopped reading DragonBall; while staying believable and interesting. Not to mention I absolutely love RPG's, power fantasy and the sense of accomplishment that comes with leveling up and training skills, just wow. So here Gohan will definitely be the main character because Goten would be too young so would Trunks. The problem I see with Goku being the Gamer is two-fold; One: he's dumb. Two: it would take so long for stuff to get real interesting OR you would have to majorly change canon. Well... now that i think about it you could take a Percy Jackson and the Game route which would benefit Goku much more than it would Gohan. Check out that story and its rules to see what i mean. Now I'm torn, Gohan or Goku? how about this... NEW CHALLENGES SUBCATEGORIES!!!!!!


This will start after the marriage timeskip (for manga purists though i don't think any of those exist) or at the beginning of DBZ (for everyone else). It can be literal as in when Gohan is alone in the woods before he and Goku go to Kame House or maybe when he's trapped in Raditz's space pod (super head-butt is his first ever move as a gamer). The more logical approach would be that first night that Piccolo ditches Gohan in the wilderness, all of a sudden a lonely and scared Gohan sees a blue pop-up window telling him, "Congrats! You've gained a new mentor: Piccolo" or maybe a first morning thing like how most of these stories start. That year of training can be solely about Gohan, leaving what happens to the other characters as is (canonical). Have him find dungeons and all that fun stuff, the DBZ universe has always been an odd mix of futuristic fantasy and fighting (just remember how about half the population are anthropomorphic people), so making completely original stories to fill up that year couldn't be that hard. Dungeon crawling should probably the emphasis though. Now the Abyss can exist but that will be personal preference as integrating them into the story could potentially be difficult. Canon can change when Vegeta and Nappa invade like with Gohan beating Nappa or something, but that would approach the too OP area. Gohan beating up some of the Ginyus maybe... the problem is that these bad guys are usually far, far above Gohan in terms of power and bridging that gap in power would be difficult. OMG! Imagine a dungeon on Namek... wow. Of course the time skips that occur before the androids and before Cell are prime time for original story events (DUNGEONS). You know what I might write this myself...

The bare bones are this:

- Gohan is gamer

- pairing doesn't matter

- people don't have to know about The Gamer ability but that's a personal choice

- the Abyss doesn't have to exist, again a personal choice


This story will definitely start the morning after the first night Goku stays with Bulma. Following this logic Bulma will have to be "in on it," she'd definitely have to guide him. I think it would be a simple assumption that Bulma would be familiar with video games and RPGs. I could just imagine Bulma freaking out to Goku's STR, DEX, and END in comparison to her own, then gloating at the disparity between their WIS and INT stats. Actually, if you are so inclined to change the story in such way, I can see Bulma making Goku invite her to his party, therefore gaining experience from all of Goku's kills. SO! With such high WIS and INT stats (as a super genius like her no doubt has) perhaps when the gang faces down Baba Bulma takes the opportunity to become a witch. Just imagine a spell flinging Bulma right there with the rest of the Z fighters facing down Vegeta and Nappa. Even as a witch she would no doubt still be able to do whatever tech stuff she does in canon (which I don't think is a lot to be honest). I think Goku has a distinct advantage over Gohan in that he has years and a multitude of enemies to fight unlike Gohan. If you fancy a character getting an enemy's or boss' abilities and moves then Goku can get Blue's freeze glare or Piccolo's regeneration. Since Goku is already the main character canon doesn't have to change much for him to be strong through his Gamer ability. It would probably be little things or the way he fights, I think Bulma would find a way to make him smarter in the interest of making him stronger and no doubt to make him more tolerable to be around. As such I think the pairing could easily be Bulma and Goku. Of course a harem is an option, but I think that those get a bit messy in a Gamer fic, not to mention Bulma and Chi-chi are both very headstrong, independent women who would no doubt die before they join a harem. But those are just my thoughts and someone could make it a great story with a great harem, to be quite honest the pervert in me always yearns for harems so go for it if you want. There's just so much potential for a Gamer fic in a long running and colorful manga like DragonBall that it's almost scary. Goku as a Gamer has the potential to alter the DBZverse in such interesting ways, and let's be honest, who the hell wants to read a fic that just rehashes canon with tiny changes in dialogue and personality. I guess a big thing would be how many people know about the Gamer ability because most of the time Goku is traveling with people, it's not like the whole world would know but it feels like it would be too much to manage each and every Z Fighter's abilities and journey in leveling up. In the manhwa itself the MC only has a few people who know and like three people he's with regularly, I mean the ability is an intimately personal thing since its a reflection of real life. Most RPGs are single player experiences, people the world over spend hundreds of hours with themselves and the character they're living through vicariously. Let's be honest most MMOs aren't great and almost all of them have large parts that are single player or end up single player because no one os around or people just don't want to play with strangers. Really it's for the hub world interactions and difficult and siege bosses. Of course you'd miss out on making cool powers and abilities for the rest of the Z Fighters. Meh. Oh and a cool idea is that filler baddies and one off bad guys (i.e. that giant cat robber in the beginning) could be dungeon and floor bosses instead. Like instead of protecting the town from Monster Carrot he's the final boss of a nearby dungeon. Ugh said a lot...

Bare Bones:

- Goku is the gamer

- keep the people who know to a minimum (not a hardcore requirement more like strong suggestion)

- pairing doesn't really matter (but Bulma makes a lot of sense)

- Again the Abyss doesn't have to exist (personal choice)

You Know What? Gamer Anything!:I love the concept of The Gamer, really it feeds the power fantasy so much since its about a normal person suddenly getting RPG powers. That's awesome. Not to mention so many Macs have some sort of mystery or unknown origin that gets played into the story like Naruto not knowing his lineage and Harry not knowing his lineage. That could definitely work for Goku not knowing he's a Saiyan and the Oozaru form, Natsu also doesn't know his true origins until just now in the manga. It's just those question marks in perks are so cool. Interesting to me though is the existence of a Gamer fic that isn't off of the manhwa. I think I remember an old Naruto fic where Naruto's life becomes a game similar to Fallout I believe. So don't ever think you're restricted. If you want a perk system, go for it, skill progression like in Skyrim, do it, a super basic system where every level up the character gets points he can spread in categories (Might, Magic, Finesse) for abilities, I WANNA READ IT! Wow made this kinda demanding huh... Class systems, familiars, skills and abilities that level up, crafting, do what you want, the sky is the limit. I'll still outline specifics as they come to me if any prospective authors want it. Hey if just the bolded title is enough to get someone to write a story then I'm happy.

Natsu the Gamer: Following what I just said we all know that Lucy is the MC of Fairy Tail, but Natsu is the Main Male Protagonist who will undoubtedly end up with Lucy. Unlike Lucy though he has a lot of time to make use of the Gamer ability. It would probably make sense to have him get it when he arrives at Fairy Tail or right after Igneel... enters him I guess, to stop that dragonification... yeah. Natsu getting the ability a little after Zeref gives him to Igneel is an option too, but again, it would be difficult for Natsu to explore dungeons and study up on his ability without Igneel getting involved. Not to mention in that situation Igneel would undoubtedly tell his fellow dragons and then, things will just get weird. Again maybe that's just me but the gamer experience should be a more solitary one, people can be in the know but it should be a small group. In the Fairy Tail world the gamer ability opens the door for Natsu to learning other magics (BE SMARTER) and the dungeons can be even crazier than DBZ (if you want to match dungeons to universal lore). I can really see Natsu finding dungeons while away on missions, he could invite Lisanna to his party and she would be the only one who knows and when she dies he blames himself and swears to never let anyone else know/in. Yessss so deliciously tragic. Imagine if Natsu hones his use of Lightning Fire Dragon Mode like Goku and Gohan do for Super Saiyan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but I guess that doesn't make sense since magic containers are finite resources, maybe it could be like in the manhwa where the amount of Etherano(mana) used by being in Lightning Fire Dragon Mode is equal to or exceeded by his Etherano intake (mana regeneration). Like DBZ there is a lot of if not more lore, I mean think about all the other countries near Fiore, Mashima has clearly expressed his stance of not exploring the other countries on the continent of Ishgar, not to mention we know absolutely nothing about the continent the Alvarez Empire is on called Alakitasia, besides the fact its where the Alvarez empire is.

To be quite honest I might write for any one of these, so if any authors want to write don't think just because I have a story that applies to a challenge that I don't want anyone else to write about it. My biggest interest is in generating more stories for specific ideas that really interest me and I hope others as well.

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