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Awkward Silence...

Hi? I'm Alyus Phoenix, recently changed my name from AnimalLoverLynett and my shishou and Godfather is Recidism. And for those who have read her profile, don't mind her? it? him? She? He? It? 's just gender confused. Not that I can say that much since I am too. Yeah, I just started writing a Naruto Crossover One Piece fanfic that's kinda OOC. For those who have read my fanfiction, don't mind my spelling. Also, those who want that fanfiction to be updated are going to be disappointed because I don't plan on updating any time soon as I have yet to write the chapters as 1) I have lost interest 2)I am too lazy. Anyway, below is my basic profile. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Top Secret Profile:

Name: AnimalLoverLynett
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female? Male? Genderless?
Interests: Reading, Music.
Personality: Emotional, shy, introvert, whiny, annoying, not-so-smart
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Lollipops, Instant Noodles.
Favorite Movies: ...Rise of the Guardians? Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron. Madagascar. Ghost Rider (only 1, not 2). Can't remember any others.
Favorite Music: Too many to name.
Favorite TV: Merlin, Sherlock...Can't remember anything else.
Favorite Books/Authors: Roald Dahl. E.D Baker. Kate O'Hearn. War Horse. Jana Oliver.

Favorite Pairings:
Naruto: Naruto X Itachi
Naruto X Kakashi
Naruto X Minato
Naruto X Male!Kyuubi
Naruto X Seme Harem
One Piece: Luffy X Zoro
Luffy X Shanks
Luffy X Sanji
Luffy X Smoker
Luffy X Ace
Zoro X Sanji
Law X Kidd
Ace X Smoker
Luffy X Male Harem
Fairy Tail: Laxus X Natsu
Laxus X Freed
Natsu X Gray
Natsu X Jellal
Natsu X Gajeel
Loke X Laxus
Loke X Natsu
Natsu X Male Harem
Sherlock: John X Sherlock
John X Mycroft
John X Jim
Merlin: Merlin X Arthur

Peace Maker Naruto updates: -

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