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Ok, SO, time to actually write this out. I read a lot of Ranma stuff obviously. The series has a lot of flaws, but some good potential that a lot of fanfiction writers really make good use of. I'm good with Ideas and I beta some, but "SCP-1012" is my first decent attempt at a story of my own. Some Guys I read that I reccomend you check out if You want some good Ranma stuff are Vimienthusiast, Vahn, and Thugs Bunny 009, between those 3 you should find something you like, though fair warning, Thugs is partial towards cubstomping the verse. Anyway, back to me, I'm into a lot of strategy games, and I listen to tons of music

Anime I love (No guilty pleasures):

Code Geass

Death Note

Tokyo Ghoul

Parasyte the Maxim

Assassination Classroom


Bands I love:

Abney Park

Emilie Autumn


Blackmoore's Night

(and I listen to vocaloid covers by jubyphonic and sirhamnet on youtube)

Ideas I've had I'd like someone to try, just PM me to let me know so I can read it.

1 A multi cross basically involving the game from the Arcana chronicles where the contestants are from various worlds after everyone on the original world died after the book. Would likely include such roles as: Ryouga (Ranma 1/2) as the Emperor. Ruby (RWBY) as Death, and Lelouche (Code geass) as the Magician. I may do this at some point, but right now i know I couldn't pull off the drama needed.

2 A cross involving Rockleetist's cover of "alice human sacrifice' involving 4 categories based on card types (Spades=warriors, daimartists, clubs=rulers, and heart=mimics) each with unique abilities and each with a land of their own founded and ruled by the alices, with a character of your choice dragged in to become the "joker of the deck", to cause chaos and just generally make things more interesting

3 A cross where "Options" drags the NWC into the ultimate otaku teacher's class in her quest for a more interesting japan

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