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As of 09/12/2021 Future fics will be cross-posted on AO3 as well as QQ/SB under the same username. DM me if you can't find me.


Name - David

Age - 24

Sex/Gender - Male

Writing Experience - How do I quantify this? I've RP'd a lot for years then fell off. Wrote a few one and two shots and abandoned a larger project because it felt cringe and on the path to Gary Stuism. But probably only due to a lack of planning. I'd say my skill is a 7/10, but my long-term dedication is a 2/10 or 3/10, tops.


Nebulite is officially DEAD as of 2018. Likelihood of continuing as it was 0. The likelihood of a reboot is just shy of 0.

Concept/Planning stage of an MHA Self Insert WC fic as of 09/12/2021


Picture for the gemstone in Nebulite: https :// s-media-cache-ak0 .pinimg . com /736x/18/09/20/1809204676364c624e0b76b05f3343b5 . jpg {{remove all the spaces around the dots and colon}}

""Writers, what happens to our stories when we die? The question is a little out of the blue I know. It started when I decided to make a story called 'Lost Stories', where I find, revive, and finish the unfinished, forgotten stories left behind.

I got angry, wondering why anyone would just stop a story, without warning or indication that its been stopped. Then I got a chill when I realized that some people don't finish their stories because they... die...

Then I started wondering 'what would happen to my stories if I died?' I mean, I'm a spirit of course, but even spirits pass on eventually...

So, consider this the last will and testament of the Spirit of Sinful Nature. If any of my stories go six months without an update, send a PM to ask for the rights of the story. If you don't get a reply within three months, the story is yours to take and finish in your own way.

That's my two cents on that. Here's to hoping this spirit keeps on writing for many years to come!""

This quote is from another author, and I feel exactly the same way! Share this and post it on your profiles if you do, too!

This is a post I made on a YouTube theory about Sardonyx knowing she was a fictional character. It's also a dump for a theory I've had rattling around in my head since I was about 14 or 15, but I didn't wanna edit it into its own thing because I'm lazy, so I'm giving you this A/N to understand the context.

But what says their universe is fictional?

Perhaps 'universe' isn't the word we should be using, though. I like to use the word "Realm" for any 'fictional' sort of universe.

I actually have several theories for this kind of stuff, too.

One basically states that the Realms are indeed fictional. Whenever someone from OUR Realm {the "Realm of Reality"} thinks something up, a Realm is formed to contain it, any deviations{Like fanfiction, edits to canon or orginal script, reboots, etc}, and any 'different action' alternate universe. {{look up the 'many worlds' theory of alternate universes. Says that every choice or decision or event has limitless different paths and alternate outcomes, and therefore an alternate universe is created/exists to play out every tiny, minute change.}} The second is similar. Realms are separated based on being 'fictional' universes, only they aren't 'fictional' universes at all, and we didn't create them. They created themselves, came out of nowhere, or [if you prefer] were formed by a god, deity, or other force for whatever purposes. The only reason WE see them as 'fictional' is because the creators have visions, thoughts, ideas, dreams, or any other kind of inclination or inspiration coming FROM these universes/Realms [or the god that made them/us/everything, if you prefer] somehow. The third theory abolishes the whole 'Realm' idea and basically takes the 'many worlds' theory to a whole other level, stating that because there are simply SO MANY possibilities for every minute change of every little teeny tiny action, that it's possible for these others RADICALLY different worlds to actually exist naturally without being as fictional as WE believe they are. Even ones that are [at the same time] both incredibly close AND radically different. {{I.E iRobot, TRON, everything from the MCU, everything from Pixar if you believe in the "Pixar Theory", etc.}} The fourth theory is basically the same as the third theory, only using 'branes' as the basis, instead of 'many worlds'. The hybrid 3-4 theory is literally that. A combination of 'branes' and 'many worlds' to get the 'it's a fictional universe' result. The fifth theory is that everything IS fictional, but it's powered by pocket-dimensions/sub-dimensions in our minds. I'm not very grounded on this one since I literally just thought it up to add it to the list and pull it out to 5 theories.

Anyone's welcome to examine, theorize, philosophize, add to, elaborate, or critique this if they want.


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