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I'm a girl. My age is anywhere from over 20 to under 100, and that's all I'm saying. I have siblings of an unspecified number, and live somewhere in the Contiguous 48, closer to the East Coast than the West. I love Fall, Winter, Spring, and loathe old account's email address stopped working. Ended up getting a new account. Have since re-written "The White Greeed" and am currently still writing, if at an extremely decreased pace.Ummmmm, I'm a fan of Redemption fics, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek: Voyager and TNG, and the recent movies, Tamora Pierce, Christopher Paolini, Clive Cussler, Garth Nix, dragons, mermaids, phoenixes, unicorns, pegasi (because pegasuses both looks and sounds weird), bunnies, kittens, puppies, most anything really cute, (including several male actors)...I could go on forever. There is a reason that I have over 6 THOUSAND favorite stories.NOT A FAN OF SLASH. I shall never write a single word of slash or fem-slash, and shall never read one, either. I'm not sorry, and there you go.I could put some big spiel about how I believe in God, Jesus, and any number of other things in my personal religion, but I won't. I am Roman Catholic, and that is that. Take it or leave it, but that fact will influence my stories. I will not put direct references to my beliefs into my stories if I can avoid it. I'm not going to write sex scenes. I'm not going to go heavy on the abuse (though it may be mentioned if applicable). I will not write about rape. I don't believe in giving second chances to those who don't deserve it, but I also admit that I can't and won't judge who does or does not deserve second chances. I have more sympathetic views towards some characters that people may not agree with, but I am unique and thus no one is exactly like me. I will hold myself and my stories to a personal standard that has to do with both my beliefs and basic human a phrase: Hate the sin. Love the sinner.Also, 'apologize' used to mean 'to defend what you believe in, usually by speaking and explaining one's beliefs.' I am therefore both apologizing and not apologizing at the same time.

Turned 'spoiler' into an acronym: Sensitive Possibly Outright Illicit Litany Engendering Report. I am amused by myself.Just as a note: If my story 'To begin a change' has inspired any ideas (not sure if it has, but I thought I better put this out there anyway) don't be afraid to write them and post them. Just be sure to credit me. I'm not saying copy-paste things, because I hate plagiarism (and hate is a very strong word), but if one of the elements I used inspires you, you can use it in a story. I don't mind.I think that about covers it. Not.

Note about Japanese words: I don't speak Japanese...well, to be honest, I don't speak it fluently, or even half-decently. I can make it sound like I know what I'm saying, and I do actually know a lot of words and a couple phrases/sentences, but I have very little grasp of syntax, sentence structure, et cetera. I will try not to make it too annoying, but I'll use the -chan, -kun, -san, et cetera as I see fit.

...Le sigh. I knew there was a reason I liked Christopher Pike so much. Turns out he's played by one of my all-time favorite voices/actors for Batman. *headdesk.* Obliviousness, thy name is Isolde.8/13: Decided to change my name. The first word is Welsh, the second Scandinavian. Translation reads: Ice queen Alder Stream. I'm odd like that.12/28: I haven't written the sister letter to Dear Mr. Stark. DMS was inspired and I feel like trying to write the letter to Cap would basically be repeating much of the things I said in DMS from a different perspective. It may come about eventually however, if another movie inspires me.

Y'know that old cliché about jackknifing upright after a nightmare, which is totally not how things happen IRL? Twice now, I've been dozing in my sister's sedan, and I've had a dream where I'm walking along a cliff, stumble, and fall backwards off the side. Instinctively, I will attempt to take a step and my torso jerks upwards. Not very far, only a few inches, but still.

Okay, looks like I found my Kyuranger crush. Stinger it is, especially after Kyuranger Space 45. Stinger saving Jiro made my day.

Weird random thought that hit me after watching Cho Den-O the other day: Kotaro is Ryotaro's grandson. In other words: the son of his son. Meaning Ryotaro gets married and has kids somewhere along the line. Makes you wonder who he found who was able to put up with his extraordinary amount of bad luck. Oooo, plot idea...

They harmonize. Taiga and Wataru make each other stronger, because Wataru’s half-Fangaire, and Taiga’s not human, but they’re stronger together even they’re formidable apart, and it doesn’t matter who's harmonizing, the effect is the same!!!! Yes, that's sort of a no-duh statement, but...well, I was listening to 'Roots of the King Acoustic Edit' and it just hit me out of nowhere as I heard first Taiga's actor, then Wataru's actor harmonize to the song and yeah, that's about it and I'm rambling. I don't care. It's pretty hard to harmonize when someone else is singing the melody if you don't know the harmony well (speaking from experience), and that they switch in the chorus and do it several times, that takes time, talent, and effort. They do it flawlessly, even in the live version. I'm seriously impressed. Take from that what you will.

WE KNOW HIS NAME!!!!! I repeat; G. CALLEN KNOWS HIS NAME!!!! Hallelujah!! After YEARS of teasers, almost's, and not-quite's, we finally meet his father and learn his name!!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm hyper on feels. I don't care.If you've actually read all the way through my profile, then congrats. I know it's a bother when the person's profile is longer than their list of posted stories.

12/18/17: RIP Kim Jonghyun. You will be missed (goes off to cry in a corner)

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