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Hello. I will make this short.

I like to make people happy and I am a unicorn!


Updating status:


( Fan fiction requests) : / C L O S E D / -for now-

( Fan fiction trades) : /C L O S E D / -always closed- ;w;

(Fan fiction collabs) : /C L O S E D / - forever also I think-

T H I N G S /T H A T /W I L L /B E /P U B L I S H E D:

Please do not steal my ideas and plots Unicorn thanks you!

Moving on- The hardest part about our life is leaving something precious to us. But in the end we have to, so we could move on with our life, and actually be happy. Because past is the past, and future is just about to be... (Fubuki Shirou x Reader)

Hero- In every girls life there is a one male person she will call a hero. It could be her dad, it could be her brother, and who knows, maybe it could be just her boyfriend. [Drabble series] (Kirino Ranmaru x reader)

One and Only-There are a lot of people in this world. Yet, one always stands out. Be it because of their looks, be it because of something totally different. But one thing is for sure, no matter how many soccer players, no matter how many musicians, Shindou Takuto was always One and Only! [Drabble series] (Shindou Takuto x reader)

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