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Dark King Marcel PM
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Hi I'm Dark King Marcel and i love to read Fanfiction

Age:don't tell but i give you guys a hint i'm between 10 and 90 years old :)


Fact about me: If you want to know ask me :)

Favourite anime: Naruto,Fairy tail,Bleach,One piece DBZ and Db super and some more

Favourite anime boys: Naruto, ichigo, Natsu, black goke, vegito and many more

Favourite anme girls: Erza,Kagura,hancock,Android 18 and many more

Anime charactersi don't like: jellal, issei and some more

He guys or girls i love reading fanfiction and i have some ideas if you are interested Pm me

1) A fairy tail story idea with a little bit one piece

It take place a few weeks after the 7 years time skip natsu get kicked out of team natsu because he destroy to many things on the mission and gets his heartbroken By erza(he sees erza and jellal kiss) so he goes to a solo mission on one of the mission he meets some bandits who take some little girls hostage they say if natsu don't leave he will kill them natsu becomes angry but then one say that they have fun with them natsu becomes furies and unleashed Haoshoku Haki and take the all the people out silvers rayleigh felt hat and offers to train him He accept and the training begins for the GMG and he will show fairy tail a new Natsu

harem for Natsu:Kagura, jenny, yukino,minerva and maybe erza

2)Young justice idea i had help with that idea from Crowfeast

The story take place two years before the main series and Robin will be 16 years old he gets captured by the joker after a month being tortured he escape but then finds out that Batman and his girlfriend barbara gorden (Batgirl) replaced him with jason todd he then decide to become his own hero he goes to japan to train and after two year he return as Red X

possible love interest: Artemis, Jade Nguyen(cheshire), Rose wilson (ravager) or Selina kyle (catwomen)

3)A naruto fairy tail story idea with a little bit negima

Naruto is the little brother of laxus in the beginning everything great but later live in fairy tail become worse naruto fails almost all the mission so all the other members start making fun of him and call him a loser and other names laxus somtimes beat him up mira and erza belittle him and natsu,gray and the other makin fun of him the only things that let him stay are his dream ,levy (she has a crush on him) and the major crush on he has on erza 4 years before the story of fairy tail begins He wants finally ask out erza he buys red rose and ask her out in the guild but he gets reject harsh all the other who heard that laught and made fun of him naruto begins to cry a little and runs away he runs and runs until he is in the forest he screams and unleash a huge amout of magic power somone felt it the on is Evangeline ak mcdowell she see his potenial and decide to train him she teach him Lightning devil slayer magic,darkness magic,Martial Arts

Harem for Naruto:Levy,Juvia,Ultear,Angel and Erza

4) A batman young justice story idea (the idea was inspire by Young Justice Red x by Hexalys)

In one univers Bruce wayne and selina kyle ae married and have a son named john wayne later than John became Robin (the only robin in this universe) together with his father who is batman and mother who is Batwomen in this universe they protect Gotham. One day john is now 17 years old someone wants to open a black hole and destroy gotham Batman and Robin(selina is pregnet and can't come) have to split up because the villain with the machine could be at two places Robin is at the right place but the villain alredy start the machine he defeat the villain quick but can't stop the machine he has to stop the black hole from inside he tells his parents over link how pround he is to be ther son and please contuine to protect Gotham after he said that he springs inside and throws some explosive-shurikan at destroy the black hole. Later he awaks in a street in gotham he is happy to be alive he trys to com limk his father but can't because hi com-link its broken he then hears a scream he gets up to help but sees how a younger robin alredy ther to help he then see robin talk to batman John thinks that this the was send to the past but after he get some moreinformation he come to conclusion he is in a differant Earth(because its the same year and his parents are not married) then panic a little and ask what he should do he then decide to contuine to be a hero

John New Hero name could be Nighthawk

His new costume will look like the batsuit from Batman beyond but he dont hae the long ears and insted of a big red bat symbole he has a red hawk

Love interest:Jade Nguyen(cheshire),Artemis and batgirl Barbara gorden

5)a Naruto story idea

The story begins at the second halve of the chunin exam ther team 7 meet Orochimaru but Orochimaru will not mark sasuke with the curse mark rather he will mark Naruto because Orochimaru want to gain eternal life and he knows that the uzumaki clan are know for having a really long lifespan plus the kyuubi Orochimaru can maybe gain with narutos body eternal life as he mark Naruto Orochimaru also breaks he memory seal that naruto have and now naruto rememers Mikoto Uchiha and Itach. Mikoto was like a mother to him and itachi like a brothe so as he hears that itachi kill mkoto he swears revenge nut the third hokage could not let naruto become a avenger so he ordert jiraiya to seal away the memories of Mikoto and Itachi but now naruto remebers and he will kill itachi.
so the story is a Naruto and sasuke switch places Naruto becomes the avenger and sasuke wants to save him
Naruto will not train under jiraiya so he not sign the toad summing contract he will laten sign the snake contract
Naruto elemtes are fire wind and lighning and later he gets the right or left sharingan eye from itachi(after he is dead) so naruto can use amaterasu and he has the uzumaki chakra chains from his mother
Naruto will be the one that trains with kakashi in the one month break before the finals he will lean the rasengan

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