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Hi, just a bit about myself... Well its been a few years since I posted ANYTHING!! So here goes (updated Sept 2017)

I tend to travel around a lot, so I might as well tell you I am British. Whenever I sign in when I am away from the Uk the country that I am in will appear :)

I love writing, and enjoy the freedom it gives me from everyday life.

I still like to know that people are reading my early stories, and thank you to those of you who are kind enough to drop me a message to say how much you enjoyed reading them. I am in the process of going through and correcting typos and errors I can see. I have a few Thunderbird stories on hand, but not quite happy enough with them to release just yet. I have started to invade the Supernatural (thanks for the encouragment guys!) and have just put up my newest piece of work... chapter 1 is up and the rest will be up soon!!

UPDATE :- Only one chapter left now for 'Dragoons Flight' - I need to know if anyone wants the last chapter...let me know if it is worth putting it up, all it will take is one review...okay- so I WILL update this and finish it very soon... ok, ok, maybe this is taking a year or two or three...

"A Matter of Time" - My most recent project in the Supernatural world... Prologue out 11th December, 2008 - this story has lots of 'wee-chester' flashbacks, angst and brotherly love:)

New 'Thunderbirds' story just released!! (Sept 2017)

Let me know what you think :) Enjoy!

Enjoy your reading. And start writing!!


The only thing I own is the plot. The characters all belong to someone else, execpt for Saska, (beyblade fics) and Snake, Vixen, Wolf, Rhino, Weasel, Caspian, Croc, Colonel Williams etc..(Thunderbird fic) Ms Fletcher, Alice Kent, George Kent, and Richard Kent. Oh, and not forgetting Greg Masters, Susan.(Thunderbird fic), Brad (Supernatural)...

I am only borrowing the 'offical characters/themes' for a short time. I make no money from writing, but the story lines are all mine...mine I tell you!

Hob x

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