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Here is the words that people always get wrong!

Quite: Agreeing completely to something. For example: 'You are quite right my good sir!'

Quit: You use this word when the subject stops doing what they are doing. Example: 'I quit giving a sheath about you' or 'They should quit their lives and die already!'

Quiet: Means little or no sound. Example: 'It isn't too quiet so no monster should pop up and make us crap our pants.'

Definitely: Without a doubt, clearly and etc. Example: 'I definitely agree that Dragon Slayer should be called by his real name - Dickson!'

Defiantly: Defience, being against something and generally saying 'Freak You' to what people say.

Made: Remember that little writing saying 'Made In China'? That means it is 'Created' in China!

Mad: Insane or furrious.

Hear: Using your ear to hear sounds. Example: 'Did you hear the shouting last night?'

Here: Well, if you don't know this word and still are trying to write or read thing in english then just don't bother.

Angel: Servant of a divine being, usually with wings and a holy aura, sometimes they even have halos!

Angle: This is a hellish thing to translate without using advanced jargon that someone whose native language isn't english wouldn't get. I for one hate math of all kinds and have no intention to try touching it using another language than my native one. In short it is basically a geometry thingy.

I don't know about you but seeing them used wrong all or used in place of the other always makes me wanna roar in rage!

Here is some of the greatest writers of Fanfiction

1) I'mjusttryingtofindmyway

2) NoodleHammer

3) Dogbertcarroll

Rain Reid



Tale Master Redux


Assassin of War

My decisions on what I like best doesn't change easily, and if something gets called 'the best I saw' by me then it would take something even bigger than that one to the top spot.

At first, NoodleHammer was the top one for me, and The(questionable) burdens of leadership of a troll Emperor and its prequels are still on top out of all the other fics I read but the number one place is now taken by The Spider of I'mjusttryingtofindmyway. He was a great author already but with that story I feel like he went beyond and above.

So yeah, I'mjusttryingtofindmyway is my favorite fanfiction author.

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