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Hello there!

I'm a HUGE potterhead. Like siriusly, huge potterhead. I'm a huge Hermione fan, which means that all of my HP fics are VERY Hermione-centric. I am not a Hermione/Ron fan, LIKE AT ALL. I do not ship Romione. I ship Hermione with just about anyone else... I'm not picky _

Stories in progress or plot bunnies that have yet to come to life:

IF ONLY THE MEDDLER HADN'T MEDDLED: Synopsis: Hermione Granger has lived in an abusive home, but it turns out that her whole life has been a lie. She's actually Hermione Rhea Potter, older sister of Harry James Potter. She's soul bound to Draco Malfoy, who isn't actually a Malfoy. With elemental magic, soul magic, manipulative old men, crazy, obsessive weasels, and dark wizards. (ON HIATUS, currently being fully rewritten. Re-vamped story will be coming soon, summer 2020, will be titled Didrian, rating M- no lemons!)

HER LONG AWAITED PRINCE: Synopsis: Hermione has never been part of the cool crowd. Coming to Hogwarts gave her the chance to finally have some friends, no matter how fickle and hot-tempered. However, Neville has always come through for her. Will he ever realize how much he means to her? Will he see her the way she sees him? Will he see it before the other boys realize that Hermione's beautiful soul is matched by her exterior? Set in GoF, with references to PoA. NL/HG end game.

Plot bunnies:

-Fred/Hermione: (developing in the recesses of my mind) Fred and Hermione sitting in a tree GOSSSIP. That's not how you spell gossip, George. Fred get out of my tree. I was here first. No, I was here first. I've been up here for hours. Forge and I were playing hide and seek. The tosser probably only just remembered he had to find me. Well, he's found you, so get out. Now. Aww don't be like that. I even have a hanky you can use and everything. FRED!

-Cedric/Hermione: (developing in the recesses of my mind) will probably have Hermione be a direct descendant of Merlin or be the Queen of the Wizarding World through some weird magical inheritance or something. I love the idea of her being royalty without her knowing and it turning her world upside down.

-Sirius/Hermione: (developing in the recesses of my mind) This will be a time-travel fic because I don't particularly fancy her being with an older Sirius. She wouldn't be going and then returning either. It'd be more like a dark-ish ritual where she is "reborn" into the past and her "present" self ceases to exists/never exists...

-Tom/Hermione: (developing...) I'm more inclined to make this a mixture of a soul bound fic, evil manipulative Dumbledore, and time travel somewhere in the mix.

So yeah... it should happen... eventually. A girl can dream.

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