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Hello, everyone,

I am a straight white male trapped inside transgendered Cambodian-Filipina-Nigerian-Mexican's body. I hate all forms of hate and bigotry. I am also a bigot against those who are bigots against me. These bigots include:

All White Supremacists - Black, Asian and Latino Supremacists are okay though, because they cancel out institutional forms of racism.

Children - Youth Privilege and also because children hurt their mothers, which is anti-feminist. Pregnancy is misogyny!

The Sun - The Sun darkens the skin of black people, but not of White People. Therefore, the Sun is a racist and a tool of the patriarchy.

The Earth - The Earth did not earn its land mass and oceans. It inherited them from institutional laws of physics created by the oppressive Solar System to undermine the welfare of people of color.

My Genitals - I did not earn my reproductive organs. Therefore, I cut them off, so I can become a free person free from privilege.

Humanity - Humanity is a social construct, like race. We didn't choose to be human. Therefore, it's a form of unearned privileged that we use to perpetuate the power of the human race over oppressed groups, like animals and insects and trees.

My personal heroes in life include:Ben Garrison, Tim Wise, Mao Tse Tung, Che Guevarra and Pol Pot. I also love Barrack Obama and one day I will marry him in a non-denominational civil wedding, and together we will make multicultural paradise in Hoboken New Jersey.

Please do not criticize me. I have very sensitive emotional problems, because I have Aspergers.

I write my fanfic to fight against the institutional privilege of all those who seek to oppress me. So no criticizing. I am a member of the Internet Police, and I know people in 4chan.

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