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I'm not telling you my name but I'm 20 years old. Current status is living, not dead. for those who read my Fanfics. I'm also really into anime right now so expect new animes within thsi

Gender: Femme, Female, Girl, Girlie

Fav movies: All Harry Potter, Transformers, Ice Age, National Treasure, How to train Your Dragon, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Anastasia,

Fav Cartoons: Transformers Prime, Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons

Fav TV shows: Melissa and Joey, Criminal Minds, Torchwood, Doctor Who (how can you not love Doctor Who)

I am a Chocoholic, i believe chocolate can be a drug and that you can become addicted to it quickly

I have a sister who say that i shouldn't write Fanfics and that I need to grow out of this childish phase. But i don't care she doesn't even read them.

Hi people I know people won't probably read this but but I will be opening a page on Facebook about my fanfictions to keep people to update about my latest fanfictions and new ones as well

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