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Hi! In case you're actually interested, my pen name is actually my French name, but I'm not French!

General Favorites:

color: Blue and Purple, depends on my mood

cartoon: 1: Pokemon, 2: Teen Titans

Books (Series): (not in any particular order) Animorphs, A Song of Ice and Fire, Eragon (Inheritance Cycle), Harry Potter, and Twilight

Hobbies: duh, reading, writing, and reviewing all of your lovely stories!

sport: Badminton, Ping Pong, Basketball

animal: wolves rock!

subjects: languages (including English literature and French), art, science (esp. Biology and Chemistry)

Future Career in Mind: scientist for neuroscience AND genetics (esp v. high-tech stuff) AND a writer (e.g. of science magazines or of novels, if I have time!:))

Favorite Characters

pokemon: Gengar, Gastly/Haunter, Lugia, Mew/ Celebi (in order)

Teen Titan: Raven, BB, Starfire, Robin, Cyborg (in order, but I still love Cyborg!)

Animorph: Tobias! 2nd Aximili Esgarouth Isthill (yeah his full name's so cool!)

Twilight: Jacob Black (yeah, I know he competes with Edward, but he's still undeniably cool, complex, and thus very interesting, at least to me! Plus, he's such a sweet best friend!)

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