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My name is Sean. I enjoy a variety of show genres. I grew up when PR and VR Troopers came out in the States.

Location: Chicago
Hobbies: Swimming, reading
Disliked characters in Power Rangers, and will never appear in my stories, with no exceptions: Justin Stewart- In my opinion, this twit is by far the worst Power Rangers character ever.
-Trent Fernandez- He really annoyed me. I always thought the writers were trying to atone for the Tommy/Kim debacle by simply trying to use the same formula. It failed, as Trent did not evolve as a character. Everyone else did, especially Conner, who started out as a one-dimensional character who thought only of himself, but became a much better person and Ranger over time. Trent remained the same: Unreliable and unwilling to trust the team when it mattered the most.

Pet peeves: Stories that belittle Kat. There are many stories of that nature on Fanfiction and similar sites, especially when it comes to Kat and the infamous Dear John letter, which Kim wrote. Kat bashing is almost as bad as all those slash fics.
-Slash (Yaoi, or M/M) de-aging (turning into babies,) A/B/O, and MPreg fics- Slash fics are almost never written well, and seem to be there for the sake of it. I also simply don't like them. Especially if there's nothing in the source material (comics, shows, etc) to support it. De-aging fics are never humorous, A/B/O is slash 9 times out of 10, and MPreg is biologically impossible. I have no tolerance for these fics.
-Bad grammar/spelling- This is far too common on the site. It is one thing for a fic to have the occasional error; mistakes happen. But what I cannot tolerate is the same mistake(s) showing up in each chapter, multiple times. This tells me a writer doesn't know what he/she is doing. An example of this is in using an apostrophe where one is not required, i.e. placing one before the s in what is clear supposed to be the plural form of a noun ("The doctor's have never seen anything like it," rather than the appropriate, "The doctors have never seen anything like it.) This type of error isn't nearly as egregious as the ones listed below; indeed it's benign when compared to those errors, but is nonetheless rather bothersome.

Other examples of bad grammar include, but are certain not limited to: the misuse of to, two, and too, it's and its, there, they're, and their, and your and you're. An example of this phenomenon is, "You're potential is endless," rather than, "Your potential is endless." It is really not that difficult to learn the differences, and use the proper terms.

-Stories that have significantly younger Rangers with older ones. I will never write about such pairings, no exceptions. Examples: Adam/Kira, Tommy/Kira (this being the most notorious pairing of a significantly older Ranger with younger one,) Jason/Kira, and worst yet, Daggeron/Maddie. These guys are at least 10 years older than the younger Rangers, and stories having them as pairs are, quite frankly, disturbing. I know that Tommy is said to be in his mid twenties in Dino Thunder, but it SIMPLY IS NOT POSSIBLE. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far; the Zords, Morphing Grid, and other such things are OK, because you already know it's not possible. The writers make no attempts to say it's even likely. But they expect us to believe that Tommy, who has never skipped grades and graduated in the late 90's, magically has a PhD by 2004, and he's only in his mid twenties? No. I do not support these pairings, or similar ones. Especially when someone is at least 20 years older (*cough* Daggeron *cough*) than the younger Ranger.

-Jason/Kim pairings- *Please note this strictly refers to those fics where Jason was the reason behind Tommy and Kim breaking up, or when Jason pursues Kim not long after they broke up. It does not refer to fics where Tommy had time to heal from the pain, and *eventually* Jason and Kim get together.* Out of all the fics putting them together, perhaps 3% tops actually addresses the elephant in the room, which is the sheer cowardice Kimberly displayed when she broke up with Tommy, aka The Letter. There's also the fact that Jason is/was supposed to Tommy's best friend, his brother in all ways but blood. Hooking up with Kim, knowing fully well the ramifications of The Letter, is the ultimate form of betrayal. Some fics actually explain The Letter and at least try to make things better. But they seem to be the exceptions to the rule. Don't expect to ever see pairings like the listed ones here.

Favorite PR series: MMPR, Zeo, PRIS, Time Force, Mystic Force, Lost Galaxy, and Dino Thunder.

Disliked characters in X-Men: Logan/Wolverine- This complete waste of flesh couldn't even be considered remotely Human. It was nothing more than a drunken, mindless, rutting, rabid animal that should've been put down long ago. All instinct, and next to no intellect to speak of. It targeted anything in a skirt, and didn't care who it hurt. Except for when it gets to one up those it didn't like in the process, of course. It was a mindless monster that finally got what it had coming to it. Good riddance to one of the biggest monsters in comics history.
-Emma Frost- Eh. She's one of the take her or leave her characters. I don't hate her, as I do Wolverine.

Pet peeves for X-Men: Comics/stories that bash Cyclops, something that is quite prevalent these days, both in comics and on this site. Examples include him cheating on Jean, or leaving her with no warning. Same goes for any woman he's with. That's something that one would expect Wolverine to do; it was, after all, the lowest common denominator. It's not something that one would attribute to Scott. I attribute such stories to bad comics writing and/or writers in general who simply want to try to create drama. Yes, that does extend to this site, where Cyclops appears to be a favorite punching bag of certain writers.
-Logan/Jean pairings: There's no reason to even respect the savage that was Wolverine. Jean being with a sub-Human like that is like cologne on a pile of dung: eventually you're going to remember it's still a pile of dung.

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