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Hi! My name is Catrina Joy _. I am forbidden to give out my last name by my 'parents' *sigh* so I will honor their wishes. I am 15 years old and am in the 10th grade. I love to write ff's and am currently writting 5, only one of them however is on which is You Lied To Me Again. I have been told that it is pretty good so why don't you check it out!
My favortie ff's to read are timetravel and L&J ff's in the Harry Potter category. I have at some point s ventured out into the LOTR category and some others but I tend to stick to Harry Potter ones.
I have one older sister and two older brothers. I also have an older step-brother who ironically is the only one who looks remotly like me and we aren't even blood related. My sister's name is Liz and my brother's names are Nick and Tim. My step-brother's name is Andy.
If you want me to read your ff, email me the link at or if you just feel like emailing me you can do that too. But be sure to put what you are emailing me about in the subject line or it will get deleted.
If you want to contact me by AIM, my screen name is CatrTwty. It was for a long time something else but I forgot the password and the didn't send me it when I said that I had forgotten it. *grr*
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