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Ermm.. hai :3 I'm new to Fanfiction but I'm super excited. I love the world of fanfiction and I'm just getting started loving the world of Shipping :) Heck yes. By the way, my favorite shipping currently is definitely Paul and Dawn (IkariShipping!) YAY!

I love Pokémon fanfiction and I read NCIS Fanfic. I can't write NCIS fanfic, it's too realistic for my mind.

Guyss, my grammar's pretty good, I really do try :) But yah, once I start become more comfortable with being a noob, I'm totally going to start slacking on the gramms. Haha way to try too hard Genna. Whateves. Please read and review :)

You wanna know something ridiculous? Half of the time I get the security code wrong.

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