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My Anime Favorit:

Fans DC With Pair ShinichiXOther Girl in DC,except Shiho.But Shinichi X Ran 1st in my heart.

Fans Naruto With Pair NarutoXOther(Naruto-Centric) Girl character in Naruto except,Sakura..But NarutoXHinata 1st in my Heart.

Fans Bleach With Pair Ichigo X Other girl in bleach,except Rukia..but IchiXHime 1st in my heart..IchiXSenna i like too,so why Senna and Orihime? Orihime :So many Chara Female in Bleach but only Orihime said Fall In Love With Ichigo..Senna?
"I'd rather sacrifice my self than let you die Ichigo" yeah so that why i like Senna with pair Ichigo!!

Hater/Anti/ Pair:

Naruto: SasukexHinata GaaraXHinata NejiXHinata (it doesn't Stack) Very very Hate about That Pair!!!

DC : ShinichiXShiho Like Naruto it Doesn't Stack if I want To Read that Pair

Bleach : Yeah,IchigoXRukia hmm Maybe many people like this pair,but i'm very very hate this pair,mainstream maybe??

About Me??

I just give you some words

"To Know Me Is To Love Me" that right??

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