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My name's Stephanie, also known as flareonfury @ LJ & AO3. I love writing fanfiction and at times writing poetry. Also if you can't tell, I really love crossovers and multishipping. These past few years I've been working a lot and writing not so much, mostly because of writer's block.

My profile avatar was created by dana_chosenart @ livejournal.


I'm like WAYYYYYYYYYY behind on updating this profile with new fics. Slowly but surely I'm trying to post my fanfiction.

6/8/14 Edit: So in light of a review I just got for ''Falling Slowly'', someone actually thought I was dead. That just sucks... I'm seriously sorry for not getting Part 2 out - that estimate time release for Part 2 was when my muse was still happy and writing. However my muse has been very finicky for the last few years now - I don't really don't get it and I hate it. Seriously I miss MISS writing so bad you have no idea. I'm writing in small spurts and working just sort of drains me I think of creativity because just ever since I left school and started working it's been this way and it f*king sucks let me tell you.

So yup still alive, although I can't say much for my muse... it comes and goes very often. Plus I've been in the Avenges/MCU universe the last couple years more often so that sorta took over.

4/2/20 Edit: Yes still alive! I'm mainly located on AO3 now (so most of my newer work... if any... will be located there first. I'll try to keep here as updated as possible but I forget sometimes.) I've been trying to post my old works from here & LJ to AO3 so its all in one place.

Upcoming Fics

Working-in-Progresses that I'm trying to complete.

Next part of first words spoken (can open a heart) (Supergirl TV) - Maxwell Lord/Kara Danvers Soulmates AU. Focusing on Season 1 right now and hopefully eventually get to the next few seasons!

Hearts and Souls (MCU/Amazing Spider-Man) - focused on Darcy, Tony, Howard, Maria Stark, Peggy, Peter, and Steve (appearances by Pepper, Bruce, Jane, Jarvis, Gwen, possibly more). Currently over 16,200 words and a semi-outline for the rest.

Chosen One (MCU) - focusing on Darcy and the Team. Over 2,300 words so far.

Look After You (X-Men Movieverse) - sequel to Orange Roses so it's Theresa/Scott. Over 13,400 words so far.

--Below stories I've literally started years and years ago and I hope I will eventually complete:

The Goblin Queen (X-Men: Evolution) - Madelyne Pryor comes to XME (Scott/Maddy). Over 2,400 words so far.

Unexpected Union (X-Men: Evolution) - Scott/Wanda... yeah I'm went there! Over 3,400 words so far.

Self Possessed (X-Men Movieverse) - Scott/Rogue. Over 2,000 words.

Phantom and Slayer (BTVS/Danny Phantom) - Buffy/Danny. Yeah, I went there. Over 3,000 words so far.

A Night to Remember (X-Men comics) - Alex/Lorna & Scott/Emma... Over 3,500 words so far.

Stories I have YET to actually start... (sorry)

Where Were You? Series Part 2. (MCU) haven't decided on who to focus on next...

Falling Slowly Part 2 (X-Men: Evolution) Scott/Rogue. I know, I know ... I was supposed to have this out and completed ages ago but I lost interest (not exactly like that, I will ALWAYS love X-Men and XME & Scogue) and I got busy with work. I recently started watching XME again to get my brother into liking X-Men, so I might actually get some ideas again.

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