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Greetings, and welcome to my creative outlet!

I use this page to only talk about fanfic, what everyone came to this site for in the first place, and not my personal life outside of it. But if you’re impatient to get to the actual stories I’ve written and not interested in the links to fanart and even fanfic that other people have done based on my work, just click on that ‘Hide Bio’ button; I’ll understand.

I'm still a fan of several different shows, but the two I love most are animated series that were marketed to kids but had enough complex issues and character growth to make them entertaining for adults too: Gargoyles, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some folks may think it's curious that I take Gargoyles, a Disney cartoon show, so seriously, but it was the concepts behind it--a myth brought to life in modern times, and another sentient race living among us, struggling to survive--that grabbed me by the brainstem and started breeding plot bunnies. I wrote Gargoyles stories almost exclusively for ten years straight, then got hooked on ATLA’s unique concepts and started being attacked by entire swarms of element-bending plot bunnies that quickly began outbreeding the winged ones.

Some time ago a meme went around Livejournal about "10 ways you can tell you're reading a fanfic by (your own name here.)" Since back then I wrote mostly Gargoyles fanfic, and since gargoyles have 8 talons instead of 10 fingers, I modified it into:

Eight ways to tell you’re reading a Gargoyles story by Kimberly T.*

8. The characters spend almost as much time reflecting on past events that happened "off-camera," as dealing with present situations.

7. Occasional hints will be dropped that there are more unusual things going on in this fictional world than just the existence of living gargoyles.

6. Generally, no new characters are described in great detail in the story itself; instead, there will be a one- or two-sentence description, and an Author’s Note at the top to look for more in a separate "Picture This" post. The author is in a hurry to get past the textual portrait-drawing and on to the good stuff.

5. There’s a lot more talking than fighting.

4. When there is fighting, someone (on one side or the other) gets hurt.

3. There will be ample evidence that gargoyles are not just humans with wings and tails; much talk of how their biological differences (and not just the stone-by-day aspect, but their more-carnivorous-than-omnivorous diet and their incredibly long breeding cycle) affect their culture.

2. Either rat or pigeon just might be on the dinner menu.

1. When there’s no other way to get the characters out of the tight corner that she’s painted them into, the author will send in a cat.

And since Avatar: the Last Airbender was all about the number 4, as in four elements, four seasons, etc., here are

Four ways to tell you’re reading an Avatar: The Last Airbender story by Kimberly T.*

(Obviously this applies more to the one-shots and multi-chapter stories than the drabble series.)

4. There’s a lot of looking inwards and looking back; flashbacks and character introspective moments can go on for pages instead of just a paragraph or two.

3. There’s a lot more talking than fighting, but when there is fighting, someone’s apt to get hurt as a result.

2. If the pirates are featured in the story, they die. Violently. (Kimberly has read too many stories about what pirates were really like.)

1. Cultural differences between people of different nations keep cropping up and surprising even the canon characters.

A few years ago I spoke on a panel at a Gargoyles convention, giving tips for writing fanfic. It was pretty well received by the attendees, and after returning from the convention, I posted on my LJ the brief notes that I had made before giving the lecture, for fans who hadn’t been able to attend the panel. Someday I’ll re-post them in full narrative form for easier reading & comprehension, but for now those notes are available here for those who are interested: (cut-n-paste to browser, remove the space before the domain suffix and after the slash) kimberly-t.livejournal .com/ 93079.html

Over the years, some people have been kind and generous enough to create beautiful fanart and even write fanfics based on my works! Here are several fine pieces for your enjoyment. I'm sorry to say that I've lost a lot of the links to art that I had over the last decade, because artists changed their usernames or rearranged their galleries; if you've done fanart for me and you don't see it on the list here, PLEASE contact me via PM or email and let me know where it can be found again!

NOTE: the FFnet administrators have once more decided to hide all the links posted in profiles that will lead to any site other than FFnet or fictionpress; they say it's to cut down on spammers, though I've never seen any fake accounts made just for selling viagra or whatever. Anyway, you'll need to cut-n-paste the below links into your browser, AFTER removing all the extra spaces put behind each slash (/ ) and before each domain suffix ( .com):

Fanart for my Gargoyles works, in alphabetical order by character:

Benedict, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Benedict-Rough-Sketchk-307591441

Broadway and Matt Bluestone in "Partners", by Mommyspike: / art/ GA-Partners-134601706

Cassius, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Cassius-Rough-sketch-307590291

Catherine, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Catherine-Rough-Sketch-307581681

Gabriel (giftart), by angelusconna: angelusconna.deviantart .com/ art/ Gabriel-for-Kimberly-39771762

Galena (as a teenager), by MommySpike: mommyspike.deviantart .com/ art/ Older-Galena-43755141

Goliath and Elisa’s wedding, by Eurynome: kimberly-t.deviantart .com/ art/ Eurynome-s-portrait-of-Goliath-and-Elisa-s-wedding-304580238

Heinrich, by Eurynome: kimberly-t.deviantart .com/ art/ Eurynome-s-pic-of-Heinrich-304583834

Isabel, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Isabel-at-Work-2-85742540

Joan, by sketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Joan-Rough-Sketch-307588845

Lexington, Rebecca and Robert’s wedding, by Eurynome: kimberly-t.deviantart .com/ art/ Eurynome-s-portrait-of-Trio-s-wedding-304582225

Lucy, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Lucy-Rough-Sketch-307592970

Malaquita, Galena & Cuarzo family portrait, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Mexican-Clan-116231572

Martha, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Martha-91654549

Rebecca, by Spacebabie: spacebabie.deviantart .com/ art/ Kimberly-s-Rebecca-29691132

Rebecca again, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Rebecca-Rough-Sketch-307581079

Sakaki, by MommySpike: mommyspike.deviantart .com/ art/ Sakaki-29658977

Sakaki again, by MommySpike (technically for her story, but I let her use Sakaki as a character): mommyspike.deviantart .com/ art/ MGC-Sakaki-36671404

Ursula, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Ursula-Line-Art-307580027

Yvette, by SketchKat: sketchkat06.deviantart .com/ art/ Yvette-91654103

Fanart for my ATLA works, sorted by the story they're depicting:

"Promises to Keep" art:

"Katara: Chores and Lessons" by hewtab, Katara helping out with the ship's laundry: hewtab.deviantart .com/ art/ Katara-Chores-and-Lessons-203551766

"Meditation" by Suteshi, a scene of Zuko teaching Katara how to meditate with her element and learn better control over it: suteshi.deviantart .com/ art/ Meditation-210337930 or at katara-zuko.livejournal .com/ 1552171.html

"Mismatched" art:

A sketch of Iroh, Zuko and Teiji by Russian fan Nura Chernomorskaya (Nura Blacksea): vk .com/ willytoy?z=photo155562858_306624852_00

An action pic of Sheng saving Teiji, also by Nura:
vk .com/ willytoy?z=photo155562858_309763685

Nura has even sketched out her hopeful speculation of what will happen in Season 3 of "Mismatched". A speculation that I will neither confirm nor deny, but I will say the sketch is quite interesting! vk .com/ willytoy?z=photo155562858_306799102

A portrait of Zuko and Teiji, much like the portrait Crewman Cheung painted as a gift/apology for Zuko at the end of chapter 6, but this is by the very real and very talented artist Y2hecate: y2hecate.deviantart .com/ art/ Commission-Zuko-Teiji-463722095

Fanfic based on my ATLA works, also in alphabetical order:

"Problems and Solutions" by Somariel, based on two drabbles from my series "Avatar Drabbles: Book 4 & Beyond": https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6696618/1/Problems_and_Solutions

"Reunion" by Vaneria Potter, based on a what-if spinoff of "Promises to Keep": http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7337075/1/Reunion

"Risks Pay Off", also by Vaneria Potter, a slightly-AU story that's a sequel to "Operational Risk Management": http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7466528/1/Risks_Pay_Off

"Suki's Field Trip" by FairladyZ2005, chapter 33 in her series "Zuko: Crown Prince Chronicles", based on two other drabbles from my series "Avatar Drabbles: Book 4 & Beyond": http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6757770/33/Zuko_Crown_Prince_Chronicles

"The Explanation" by Malicean, a missing scene from between chapters 10 and 11 of "Promises to Keep": http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7999587/1/The_Explanation

Translations of my ATLA works:

"Mismatched" has been translated into Russian, by Aminya! Those who are interested can read it here: ficbook .net/ readfic/ 877595

And finally, a few words about reviewing: I believe they’re a basic courtesy and very nearly a social necessity for this entire website. If a writer’s work gave you a few minutes of pleasurable reading or serious food for thought, the best way to return the favor is to leave a review saying so. Every story added to my Favorites list has been reviewed by me as well, and for every story on my Favorites list there are hundreds more that I've R&R'd on without fav'ing. Receiving notice that your story was put on someone's Story Alert or added to their Favorites list is very nice indeed, but receiving a review is even more important to any writer. Positive feedback is food for the ego, and constructive criticism is the tool we use to improve our writing skills.

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